Help A New Mom Feel Beautiful

Apologies to any reader who is not or has not ever been pregnant…I promise, these posts regarding pregnancy will end soon (thank goodness!) because baby boy will be arriving very, very soon now.

I just gotta vent a little bit about being pregnant. First, it’s different for everyone and each time can be different as well. This being my number 2 I am truly amazed at how different this pregnancy was vs the first, minus the fact that both resulted in boys. I think for some women, the attention that you receive can be fun…until…well, there are lots of things that people say that can leave you feeling not so great about being pregnant. I remember in my 5th month, a women told me I looked ready to pop any day now. Wow, I don’t feel like a house anymore. And in my 8th month, I had a woman share with me that I looked so small compared to her coworker who was huge! But, I shouldn’t worry if my baby was smaller than the other woman’s, as he’d eventually grow. Really?

I understand that being pregnant is an exciting time, bringing a new life into this world many people get excited, including random strangers! And for those long 9 months while the mother is being asked all the questions, they really are all about the baby. Then there is the baby shower, which is fantastic really. I mean, how awesome is it for friends and family to purchase necessities for your new little one? However, (and I really hope this doesn’t come off as unappreciative, or selfish, although it just might…)but what about Mom?

With my first kid I received lots of goodies for the little guy…some awesome necessities (which at the time, I didn’t even realize I needed…of course the things that you also don’t want to have to go out and purchase, because buying wipes isn’t as fun as purchasing cute onesies). And then there was the friend who gifted mom some skincare mini’s that I could use while staying in the hospital. Awesome. One of my favorite gifts.

This time around I was lucky enough to have my mother in law treat me. In fact, I was ready for the, do it myself route, with my hair and nails. (Because what they don’t share with you is that a random camera person comes into your hospital room on the 2nd or 3rd day to take baby’s picture with mom. Well, when that happened to me, my hair hadn’t been washed for 3 days, it was greasy and my nails were gross, and I didn’t want my photo taken, but also didn’t want to miss an opportunity for a professional photographer with my new little guy).

Anyway, being treated was such a luxury as I haven’t had my nails done in over a year in addition to my hair. Well, I have done my own hair, but again, to have a professional do it was a real treat. Thank goodness that my mom in law sent me to Salon Cuvee and Day Spa for my hair. All I wanted was a partial/baby highlights to blend into my ombre hair. My stylist was fabulous. Even though she was super booked (another stylist was running 2 hours late and she was taking some of his clients that couldn’t reschedule) she took her time to explain to me what she was doing, making sure it was what I had asked, as well as what I would expect during my appointment. While she suggested a cut or additional color, she didn’t pressure me when I said no. All in all, beautifully done. And I felt fantastic.       20160408_104753

When it comes to knowing a friend or family member being pregnant, I suggest that yes you purchase an item or 3 from their registry, but also treat them to feeling normal again. I mean, it takes a while to feel normal again after being pregnant. Of course celebrities and the media make it look as though normalcy is just around the corner, but let me tell you it is not.

Now, of course that little treat you get for the new mom should be something she would normally want to do, but just isn’t able to do it for herself…I mean, I totally feel guilty purchasing anything for me instead of baby. In fact, I go out because I need an eyecream, but after looking and seeing the price, I figure I could use that $30+ to purchase clothes or diapers for the baby. So I go home empty handed, (I guess I’ll just use my face cream instead) But if someone else is getting it for me, well, then yes, I’ll happily accept. And thank you!

I’m sorry if this seems like something selfish to say out loud, I just want to help any pregnant woman out there feel normal, feel beautiful, feel like her self during a time that can seem so alien.

Not sure what you can get for that new mom? Here are some suggestions…but of course, feel free to ask the new mom what she misses the most…that can help too.

  • Hair appointment for mom
  • Nail appointment for mom
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Favorite Meal (home made or from her favorite restaurant)
  • Babysit her other kiddos (or hire a sitter for her other kiddos and take her out for a girl’s night…because those just don’t really exist for some time after birth)
  • Pregnancy Facial
  • Hair Blow Out/Style (I suggest the Dry Bar – they can even come to your home)
  • Shopping spree for after delivery


I do not work for any company listed, nor did I receive any compensation for this post.