Happy Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of the holiday and that FLESH beauty is about loving yourself and in honor of #loveyourselfiemonth, I decided to embrace this holiday even though I have not done so in the past.

First, I need to share our FLESH beauty love to all of you who follow either the blog, Instagram, Facebook or even those occasional likes. We love that you do!

Second, I need to embrace more of this #loveyourselfiemonth as I have not been feeling so great about myself…this is hard to do when your body is changing on a daily basis. Yes, pregnancy is beautiful except when it’s happening to you! And if you can’t love yourself then who will really ever be able to love you?

So, despite my inner voice telling me not to..I’m posting a pregnancy pic…which I have to say I have never done before. Even with the first round, I refused to do so. Why? Pure vanity. Yes, I said it. I did not want to see myself that way even though I thought other pregnant women looked fabulous and amazing, I just felt like a beached whale. So in honor of #loveyourselfiemonth and Valentine’s Day and of course the mission of FLESH beauty….tn


I hope whatever your “flaws” might be take this day to embrace and love them. After all, this is a day to celebrate love.

Beauty Snob?

I had a very big need for a little retail therapy after a visit to the doctor’s office (don’t worry, I’m okay, the little unborn kid is good too, I just didn’t love the visit) Anyway, I decided to go to Ulta to grab some makeup goodies, as I have been seeing so much about some of the new products being launched. Since this visit I didn’t have my gold card with me, I opted to look mainly in the mass brands half of the store. I was in search of something new…something that maybe could change my life. Okay, so not my life, but maybe my brows? Or how about perfect looking skin?

With my wish list in hand (and coupons and of course sales galore — this is Ulta after all) I stepped in side all for a little retail therapy. I B lined for the mass department and not only saw a few items on my wish list, there were new products I had not yet heard of or seen. Oh, a feeling of beauty euphoria was warming my soul.

On my visit, I ultimately ended up grabbing a Rimmel foundation – Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation With Comfort Serum (not a new product, however, new packaging – I  read some really fab reviews, and thought what the heck. $6.99? I’m gonna go for it). Since it was buy 1 get 1 50% off, I also went for the new Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel(in hopes in would be a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel). While I’ve been loving my current mascara, the new Maybelline mascara -Lash Sensational Luscious Washable Mascara – was intriguing me…so I put that in my Ulta shopping tote too. Since that was buy 1 get 1 50% off, I grabbed yet another brow product to see how it compared to my NYX Micro Brow Pencil or Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, the Maybelline Brow Define And Fill Duo – Again, I was hoping I would find another dupe. Then I grabbed a couple other NYX products, NYX Hydra Touch Brightener and  Soft Focus Primer, “cause guess what? Buy 1 get 1 50% off those too. After points and my $3.50 off $10 coupon, I walked away not spending more than a week’s worth of Starbucks Grande White Mochas. I felt better. Much better. That feeling of beauty euphoria had enveloped me and that doctor’s visit was a distant memory. But alas, I had to go to work, so I had to wait a full day before I could even start to play!

The following day I decided to start off with the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Rimmel FoundationFoundation With Comfort Serum  and to be fair, I had to stick to my otherwise normal routine. I mean, I’d hate to try the NYX primer and Rimmel foundation and not like the finished look. Then how would I know which product, if any wasn’t right for me? So, starting with my current priming team (Boots No7 True Identity in Light and Andalou Naturals BB Cream; equal parts mixed) I then followed with the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation With Comfort Serum. So far so good. I chose the right color. As reviews had indicated, nice coverage, satin matte finish and a flawless coverage. Setting powder I later learned was really optional, depending on how much more matte you would like to be vs a natural finish without powder. Now, I’m focusing on this product because prior to the Rimmel foundation, I was using the Dior Star Fluid Foundation, which I was really enjoying. Nice medium natural coverage, long lasting, satin finish…I loved every aspect of the product, except the color. I just couldn’t find a color that I felt was a perfect match…not even really a good match. Just decent and that was with some bronzer and blending. Back to the Rimmel foundation. Overall, it really has exceeded my expectations. But I think the part that blows my mind the most is the price. After coupons and discounts it was just over $5 for a 1 oz bottle. The Dior Star Fluid Foundation? Just a bit over $40 and that was with my 20% off Sephora coupon I had. While I was really crushing on the Dior Star Fluid Foundation it wasn’t until I noticed how hard it was to get the color to work with my skin, (but that is what happens when a store doesn’t have the best lighting to choose your best color and the other choices were not even close to a match), that I realized how disappointed I was. However, the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation With Comfort Serum seemed to meet all of my requirements and it was just about $5. And with that, I felt even better about my Ulta shopping session. Who needs a therapist when there are beauty products?

Prior to my cheapie foundation discovery, I have always believed that foundations from prestige brands were better. Not only can you sample them, you can make sure the color is best for you, and of course the packaging and marketing make me fall in love with them even more so. I mean, I still have my Dior Star Fluid Foundation. The bottle really is fabulous…but it now just sits there. I know that it will sit there until it goes rancid or I find a friend or family member that can use it instead. As with my  Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation With Comfort Serum, maybe because it is a UK brand and in Europe there are just higher standards when it comes to the ingredients and making of a product. The packaging is okay, I didn’t buy it because it looked beautiful, but more so because the reviews it has received were high. Oh, and the price…how could I not try a raved review product for just about $5? While I have purchased cheapie foundations in the past, I never stuck with them. It was an impulse purchase because at that time I was selling products that competed with those cheapie brands and I wanted to know what those other products could and couldn’t do. However, I would still wear my prestige foundations 95% of the time…Looking back, I’d totally call myself a foundation snob.

I guess now, especially being in different circumstances to where I was when I could easily purchase the prestige/higher end products I never really gave those mass brands a chance. Now that I really can’t just go to Sephora or Ulta or visit the beauty counters in the department store and drop some serious cash, I really have been able to see that many mass brands in fact do live up to the quality and performance of those prestige brands.

If you are a current beauty snob I suggest heading over to your local drugstore or Ulta and checking out some of the mass beauty products. There are some really great finds that will meet and or exceed the expectations of some of your current prestige products.

Are you a beauty snob? Or do you like to mix and match? Or do you stick to mass products that have received the top notch reviews for quality and performance? Leave your comments below!

Barely Fabulous

Flesh Beauty is all about feeling good about yourself, no matter your age, skin, height, weight, etc. It is so important that you feel good about yourself because life can be pretty miserable otherwise.

I have to be honest with you…when I am in sweats and a t shirt, just waking up and then looking in the mirror in the morning, I see a vaguely familiar person, almost unrecognizable until I realize that tired older woman looking back at me…is, well me. And then I feel like a tired older woman. Not how I want to feel throughout my day.

The problem is however all me. It was this past week, the husband was away on a business trip in Vegas. That left me home alone with the kid. I’m stoked. However, after 2 days of looking like a tired older lady, I decided to do something to make me a little more fabulous…but by barely trying.

So, giving myself a limit of 10 minutes I challenged myself to looking barley fabulous…with barely any products. This is what I found worked-

Step 1- Use a wide tooth comb to run through slept in hair

Step 2- Use a curling wand on larger sections of hair and hold for 10 -15 seconds before releasing. Making sure not to curl every section, but about 3/4 of my hair…barely fabulous!

Step 3- Spray with a texturizing spray for light hold and beachy waves. (I just picked up on clearance at CVS a texturizing spray from Nuance, Texturizing Enhancement Finishing Spray – LOVE IT so much I purchased another one…I just hope this product isn’t gone forever!!!!)

Step 4- I used a BB cream mixed with a tinted primer for lightweight even coverage. My mixture is an Andalou Naturals BB Cream with equal parts Boots No7 True Identity Foundation in Light. This combonation perfectly hides redness and discoloration without settling into fine lines. It also provides me with light/medium satin finished coverage.

Step 5- 2-3 coats of a mascara that will simply add a rich black color and giving more volume at the base of my lashes. I received a freebie Clinique High Impact Mascara over the holiday season and found it provides just enough lash enhancement without being too much. And it is easily washes off with my face cleanser.

Step 6- I’m always gonna look a little older, unless I do something to my brows. In an untouched state, my brows are barely there (mostly due to the over plucking phase of the 90’s, thanks 90210) and now my brows just won’t grow in certain places so it’s up to a brow pencil to help me achieve the perfectly arched brows to frame my eyes, giving me a more lifted and awake look. Honestly, if I wanted to keep it uber simple, I’d just do mascara and brows, but then even that sometimes just isn’t enough. Anyways, I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown but then I saw that NYX has a total dupe (I use ash brown) that is half the price. So that is my go to pencil of choice. I like to out line my brow shape and then lightly fill with the pencil and then follow with the brow spoolie on the other end of the pencil.

Step 7 (and the last step)- Concealer. For me, it’s a must. I go to my tried and trusted (and reviewed here) Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. It is the perfect pick me up for my eye area and anywhere I may need to coneal any redness or blemishes…it also blends seamlessly into makeup free skin.

10 minutes and barely fabulous. I can walk by a mirror with my 2 1/2 year old and not get scared by the woman holding the kid, as I no longer am frightened by my reflection, but recognize myself, looking, well, barely fabulous.


What simple steps do you take to looking you barely fabulous self? Comment below or even better, post a selfie of your barely fabulous self (#barelyfabulous)


I do not work for any of the companies listed nor did I receive any compensation for this post. All products have been purchased by myself (although, feel free to hook this beauty blogger up!)



Beauty Resolutions

A new year and suddenly it feels as though a new me should emerge. Well, not a new me but there are changes I would like to make.

At one point in life I was super goal oriented and to stay on track of those goals I created a vision board (images that represented my goals and dreams for the year ahead) and each time I created one I inevitably reached those goals. The past couple of years I have become a bit lazy and have not done a vision board which has resulted in feeling lost and a little hopeless. However, this year is going to be different! I’m tired of feeling hopeless and really want my dreams and goals to become realities…vision board time!

While my vision board encompassses various aspects of my life (work, family, money, travel, health) there will also be a spot for all things beauty and of course FLESH Beauty.

This time of year is especially exciting when it comes to beauty products. Not only does each line launch new products this is also the time where many mass retailers discontinue and cut prices (50-75% off) on those discontinued products.

This year, I am using my vision board to post images of those new products that I can not wait to try..but with some budget limitations. As it used to go, my old self wanted to be the first one to grab the new products (despite the cost) while this year I will patiently wait for sales before purchasing and if possible stack that sale with a coupon.

Of course while I want to buy everything I also can’t wait to launch some amazing products with FLESH Beauty. Another part of the vision board. The blog will also undergo some changes this year as we start to move towards the ultimate goal of product launches (soooo exciting!). And we want to know more about our readers..what are your beauty goals, loves and dreams? How can we make those come true for you too?

If you also would love a daily reminder of your goals for the year, I suggest a vision board (or beauty vision board). I like to use poster board and images from magazines that provide meaning to my goals and dreams. Then go to a place where you can just be in your own thoughts and maybe play some music that also inspires you, and take those images and place them on the poster board in a way that makes sense to you. No one else has to know what the images represent, but for you they will be your reminder of what you want to acheive for the year.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2016? Share below in the comments section…we’d love to know!

Holiday Presence

Whether you tend to celebrate the holidays (or not), I bet you too love this time of year with so many cosmetics and gift sets to choose from (and many amazing sets remain…but now at a discount!) that it was hard to choose just one. I’m totally guilty and purchased a few things for my self…(they were just little stocking stuffers – also my favorite holday tradition).  The Husband did good and picked up my favorite perfume too.

I hope Santa gave you all your beauty treats on your wishlist. I also hope you had the time to spend with your loved ones. I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather, and the need to keep body heat up, but it seems as though during this time of year we tend to get together with family and friends and celebrate the holidays.

 This holiday season my family had plans…big plans. Oh we planned on going up North to visit my husband’s family friends, playing in the snow, going to a couple holiday parties…similar plans that many of you had. Well, then the kid started with a runny nose which then turned into coughing and a chest cold and the next thing we know we are spending Christmas alone with out the rest of our family or friends. At first I was disappointed as it would be have been the first time the kid played in the snow. Also, my husband hasn’t seen some of his family friends in well over 10 years! He is a proud Dad and was excited for the family to meet his son. Anyway, we were at home.

My son was miserable. He wanted to play but he couldnt breathe very well with his nose full of snot. And of course the last thing a toddler will let you do is wipe his nose clean. And then my phone went missing. Ah wonderful…how will I capture those wonderful memories if I don’t have my phone? An hour went by and nothing. Crap. Well, Christmas must continue anyway, right? (just so happens a camera was on my christmas list). Well, a funny thing happened that morning…I received the best present. It was that I was totally present. No distractions from family friends, no phone to distract me (or the camera on my phone), it was me the kid and my husband oh and the dogs too. I was able to see little quirky manerisms that I don’t normally get to see because I’m at work (while the husband is a stay at home dad) I hadn’t ever seen the kid dance before. He looked like a robot toddler trying to move to some kind of rythm…Best moment that day. To see my son go crazy for his gifts, the way his eyes lit up when he saw them (the way lights on a Christmas tree light up a room), it was that moment I had the best present…which was just being present.

Of course I was thrilled that the husband got me my favorite fragrance (but my life would have continued with out it) however it was that life decided to change things last minute that made me appreciate what I already have. Of course I’d freak out over all the cosmetics inside Sephora, but those are things I can get anytime. What I have been missing out on as a working mom are the little things my family has for me.

While I hope Santa brought you all the presents you wanted this holiday, I also hope you were present enough to enjoy that time with your family and friends.

What were your favorite holiday presence? Leave your comments below!


Can An Apple A Day Keep Wrinkles Away?

One of my son’s favorite foods is an apple. If he sees one then he wants one. He’ll continue to say, “app-ul”, until myself or the husband gives him one. Apple yes, candy bar no. I am also a fan of apples. The crisper and sweeter the better. It was when I was slicing an apple for my son and he continued to say “app-ul”that I began to think about the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I totally get that yes, it’s a fruit and its good for you. But what makes it so great that I wouldn’t need to see my doctor? To Google!

After a little bit of searching, it turns out that apples are loaded with good for you nutrients that do really good things for you. Not necessarily enough to skip that annual check up, but maybe enough to keep your skin looking younger.

Apples (green or red), contain a fair amount of Vitamin C. It just so happens that Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant (think free radical scavenger…protects your skin from all the harmful environmental factors that contribute to ageing skin).  Vitamin C also is a natural skin brightener, as well as collagen promoter…that means firmer and more radiant skin, both signs of  younger looking skin.

Apples also contain polyphenols. For an apple, that means sun protection, but for you and me, polyphenols in apples have been shown to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Apples also contain fiber which helps keep you full for a longer period of time. There are suggestions out there in the internet world that recommend eating an apple before a meal to help reduce the amount of calories eaten at your next meal which in turn can help you lose weight. Many studies have confirmed this as well.

But back to the beauty benefits of an apple. I gotta say that it basically comes down to the Vitamin C in an apple and the benefits Vitamin C can provide for your health and skin. Most apples contain about 17% of your daily intake needs of Vitamin C, however, if you haven’t ever tried an Envy apple, I highly suggest you go to your local grocery and pick one up. Not only do I find Envy apples to be crisp and juicy, but they also tend to have more flavor too. I used to be a fan of the Fuji apple until I tried an Envy. Best. Apple. Ever. What’s even better about the Envy apple? It naturally contains a higher amount of Vitamin C, which also helps prevent the apple from turning brown once cut. No wonder its called “Envy” as I can only imagine other apples would love to be just like it. Of course, for you and me that means more antiageing benefits!

While I won’t stop using my serums and creams, I will continue to incorporate apples into my daily food intake. Who knows, maybe I can even skip that visit to the dermatologist.

Do you think an apple a day can keep you looking younger? What food do you rely on to prevent the ageing process?


Want to learn more about the incredible, edible apple? Check out the following websites where I received much of my informtaion.








What’s Your Haircolor Personality?

I was flipping through one of my magazines the other day when an advertisement caught my eye, “What’s your haircolor personality?”, an ad for haircolor. I laughed a little to myself and then replied to the magazine, “confused”… or maybe, “bored”, and then I looked at my reflection and then said to myself, “split personality”. Yes, it was the last one. I have a bit of a dual personality with my hair. In person I like to be a brunette. But in photos I prefer blonde. If you could see me now, I have a bit of both…I finally jumped on the ombre hair wagon (a bit late and some would say the trend is over but I’m not over it so I’m still going to give it a go).

Anyway, so how can hair have a split personality? Okay, so I know its not my hair that has the split personality…however with a different haircolor you may act a little or at least feel a little different. For me, when I have darker hair,my dark and morbid side seems to come out a bit more. When I am blonde I feel I look a bit younger and I think a bit of naivetee comes out more. But then I envy those people who rock the same look…or at least don’t feel the need to change what they have. Whether it’s their signature look or they just like their own natural color, I wish I could keep my personalities to one and just rock one look…how much easier life would be. And of course I think my hair would be happier with me too.

As my hair is now, I’d say its a healthy combination of brunette with a touch of blonde (and a little bit of grey coming from the roots). However,  I’m going to be doing another round of haircolor on Saturday. Still keeping the ombre look, just a bit more dramatic. What would my hair therapist say?

I’d love to show you a photo of my hair now, but my computer crashed and I’m writing this post from my phone (yep, I’m that committed). However, once I finish my hair I’ll upload some photos from my phone so you can make your own judgements on my haircolor personality(ies).

Do you like to change your look…often? What do you think your haircolor personality is?