Our Mission


What is FLESH?

FLESH is uplifting, real, exciting and intellectual.  It is chic and inspiring.  It is empowering women to have confidence in their own FLESH, to feel good about yourself.  It’s about feeling beautiful in your FLESH, because all FLESH is beautiful.

FLESH is for the real woman-the one who’s up until 2 am making cookies for the kids’ class (OK, mixing them up from a box mix, but same difference!).  Yet she still wants to look chic and fashionable for client meetings in the morning after dropping the kids off at school.  Her look has to last through a hectic work day, kids’ baseball games and ballet classes, making dinner, and then have the ability to be easily taken up a notch for a hot date.  So…basically your every day Wonder Woman.

FLESH is for the woman who still strives for perfection even though she knows she’ll never achieve it (hey, the higher your goal, the more you achieve!).

It’s for the woman who wants her fashionable beauty, but with a dose of chic, sophisticated intellect and occasionally a side of real life humor.

We are not club-going teenagers in crazy get-ups (although we still love to go out dancing!).  But we are not the women who have given up on our beauty regimes and make-up.  We have our lines and wrinkles (we won’t admit it though!) and we still love a fun make-up look.

We take better care of ourselves.  We try to do everything and do them well.  We love affordable luxuries.  We love pampering.

Who are we?  We’re FLESH Femme Fatales.

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