About Us


FLESH Co-Founder and the “Dreamer”

Hello, my name is Heidi and I am a product junkie.  I’ve had a passion for beauty products ever since I can remember. When I was around 10, my Mom made me start buying my own shampoos and conditioners because my taste (Pantene) was over the family budget.  I loved looking at the weekly advertisements and the makeup on sale, spending every last penny of my allowance …and then I was introduced to the department store makeup counters (OMG) Gift with Purchase!? You mean I get free makeup? (OMG!)  I just couldn’t and still can’t get enough. Beauty products can have a huge transformation on you, such as the way you feel with a swipe of your favorite lip color or how your hair smells with your favorite shampoo (remember Revlon’s outrageous shampoo and conditioner!! Love. That. Smell!!!)  Over time, friends would often ask me for recommendations of various products. I became the go-to for beauty advice.  After college I decided to work in the beauty industry. I started at the counter and continued my career for what is now 13 years later.  Recently I became a Mom to a wonderful little man. While he has become my new Love, I still have the passion for beauty products. It’s OK for moms to be glamorous, right?  And now its time to turn my passion for beauty and how it can make you feel, and share it with all of you!



Jeanette Goof Ball

FLESH Co-Founder & the “Actionator”

Jeanette is an accomplished make-up artist.  Working in the cosmetics industry since 2001 and certified as a make-up artist in 2007, she specializes in make-up for real women.  Operating under her business name of Classy on a Budget, she strives to provide a classy experience without breaking the bank.  Also, a self-proclaimed “tech nerd”, she designs as well as currently manages multiple websites, blogs and social media accounts for clients ranging from beauty, fashion, real estate as well as parent/teacher associations.  How’s that for beauty and brains?  🙂

Married in 2003, her husband was instrumental in her getting certified as a make-up artist and encouraged her to follow her beauty dreams.  So, it must be his fault that all of this has happened.  🙂  She has two fantastic kids…a fellow tech-nerd son and a budding fashionista daughter who has even walked the red carpet with her at fashion events (at the ripe old age of 7).   Jeanette always tries to live her life to the fullest, enjoys gardening, reading and is addicted to self-help books especially any involving the French lifestyle.  Loyal to a T to her friends, she cherishes each and every one of them.  Especially those that partner with her for beauty ventures.  🙂  (She’s also the resident goof ball, as her photo clearly shows.)  🙂


Ashmir Selfie

FLESH Instagram Aficionado

Ashmir has been working in the beauty industry since 2000. Back then her morning regimen took all of 5 minutes and consisted of (stubbornly) the absolute sheerest foundation possible! As time passed and her knowledge of the industry grew, so did her passion for products, and especially, ingredients. A self-proclaimed nerd, you can often find Ashmir’s nose in an ingredient dictionary, or her fingers clicking through the internet looking for the latest studies. Over time her interests have led her to a true love of natural cosmetics and skincare, and the marriage formed by science and nature. Her friends will often turn to her for help deciphering the hieroglyphics found in the ingredient listings on products.

Unlike her partners in crime here at FLESH, Ashmir is single, with no kids, and no desire to change that. She loves children, and loves giving them back to their parents even more. But don’t let her childless reality fool you, Ashmir is a store manager, often working 60+ hours a week, and is also going to school (again) so there is rarely a day that allows her more than 15-20 minutes to get ready (because let’s face it, morning is not her friend so sleep is never sacrificed hehehe)

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