Holiday Presence

Whether you tend to celebrate the holidays (or not), I bet you too love this time of year with so many cosmetics and gift sets to choose from (and many amazing sets remain…but now at a discount!) that it was hard to choose just one. I’m totally guilty and purchased a few things for my self…(they were just little stocking stuffers – also my favorite holday tradition).  The Husband did good and picked up my favorite perfume too.

I hope Santa gave you all your beauty treats on your wishlist. I also hope you had the time to spend with your loved ones. I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather, and the need to keep body heat up, but it seems as though during this time of year we tend to get together with family and friends and celebrate the holidays.

 This holiday season my family had plans…big plans. Oh we planned on going up North to visit my husband’s family friends, playing in the snow, going to a couple holiday parties…similar plans that many of you had. Well, then the kid started with a runny nose which then turned into coughing and a chest cold and the next thing we know we are spending Christmas alone with out the rest of our family or friends. At first I was disappointed as it would be have been the first time the kid played in the snow. Also, my husband hasn’t seen some of his family friends in well over 10 years! He is a proud Dad and was excited for the family to meet his son. Anyway, we were at home.

My son was miserable. He wanted to play but he couldnt breathe very well with his nose full of snot. And of course the last thing a toddler will let you do is wipe his nose clean. And then my phone went missing. Ah wonderful…how will I capture those wonderful memories if I don’t have my phone? An hour went by and nothing. Crap. Well, Christmas must continue anyway, right? (just so happens a camera was on my christmas list). Well, a funny thing happened that morning…I received the best present. It was that I was totally present. No distractions from family friends, no phone to distract me (or the camera on my phone), it was me the kid and my husband oh and the dogs too. I was able to see little quirky manerisms that I don’t normally get to see because I’m at work (while the husband is a stay at home dad) I hadn’t ever seen the kid dance before. He looked like a robot toddler trying to move to some kind of rythm…Best moment that day. To see my son go crazy for his gifts, the way his eyes lit up when he saw them (the way lights on a Christmas tree light up a room), it was that moment I had the best present…which was just being present.

Of course I was thrilled that the husband got me my favorite fragrance (but my life would have continued with out it) however it was that life decided to change things last minute that made me appreciate what I already have. Of course I’d freak out over all the cosmetics inside Sephora, but those are things I can get anytime. What I have been missing out on as a working mom are the little things my family has for me.

While I hope Santa brought you all the presents you wanted this holiday, I also hope you were present enough to enjoy that time with your family and friends.

What were your favorite holiday presence? Leave your comments below!


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