Can An Apple A Day Keep Wrinkles Away?

One of my son’s favorite foods is an apple. If he sees one then he wants one. He’ll continue to say, “app-ul”, until myself or the husband gives him one. Apple yes, candy bar no. I am also a fan of apples. The crisper and sweeter the better. It was when I was slicing an apple for my son and he continued to say “app-ul”that I began to think about the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I totally get that yes, it’s a fruit and its good for you. But what makes it so great that I wouldn’t need to see my doctor? To Google!

After a little bit of searching, it turns out that apples are loaded with good for you nutrients that do really good things for you. Not necessarily enough to skip that annual check up, but maybe enough to keep your skin looking younger.

Apples (green or red), contain a fair amount of Vitamin C. It just so happens that Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant (think free radical scavenger…protects your skin from all the harmful environmental factors that contribute to ageing skin).  Vitamin C also is a natural skin brightener, as well as collagen promoter…that means firmer and more radiant skin, both signs of  younger looking skin.

Apples also contain polyphenols. For an apple, that means sun protection, but for you and me, polyphenols in apples have been shown to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Apples also contain fiber which helps keep you full for a longer period of time. There are suggestions out there in the internet world that recommend eating an apple before a meal to help reduce the amount of calories eaten at your next meal which in turn can help you lose weight. Many studies have confirmed this as well.

But back to the beauty benefits of an apple. I gotta say that it basically comes down to the Vitamin C in an apple and the benefits Vitamin C can provide for your health and skin. Most apples contain about 17% of your daily intake needs of Vitamin C, however, if you haven’t ever tried an Envy apple, I highly suggest you go to your local grocery and pick one up. Not only do I find Envy apples to be crisp and juicy, but they also tend to have more flavor too. I used to be a fan of the Fuji apple until I tried an Envy. Best. Apple. Ever. What’s even better about the Envy apple? It naturally contains a higher amount of Vitamin C, which also helps prevent the apple from turning brown once cut. No wonder its called “Envy” as I can only imagine other apples would love to be just like it. Of course, for you and me that means more antiageing benefits!

While I won’t stop using my serums and creams, I will continue to incorporate apples into my daily food intake. Who knows, maybe I can even skip that visit to the dermatologist.

Do you think an apple a day can keep you looking younger? What food do you rely on to prevent the ageing process?


Want to learn more about the incredible, edible apple? Check out the following websites where I received much of my informtaion.




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