More Beautiful With Age

I’ve always been a late bloomer. Of course, as a teenager, I wanted to go through life changes as quickly as my best friend, but my body just took it’s own time. As an adult, I hoped that the late blooming would also be a sign of a delayed aging process. It felt that was the case…until recently.

While each year, I’ve been adding a year to my age, the whole, “you’re getting older” hasn’t really sunk in. I mean, I don’t feel old. When I look in the mirror, I do see a more grown up version of my younger self, but I don’t feel old. Well, then I found out I was pregnant. Okay, so that should signal a sign of youth, right? After seeing the doctor, I was told I needed to take a special test, because, I’m 36. Ladies, if you didn’t already know, apparently when having babies, 36 is the year that signifies your body may not be able to handle a healthy pregnancy. (Okay, so not really. I simplified that way too much.) My doctor assured me that I wasn’t old. The number 36 has to do with statistical information and some other numbers that made sense to me at the time, but now I can’t explain what she shared with me. However, she did try to assure me that the number 36 is pretty arbitrary, “You’re not old! 36 is just a number”.  Okay, so I guess… I felt  better after hearing that.

But then, while at work, I was on boarding a new associate. At a certain point I needed to get his birthday, which also happened to be the year I graduated high school. Okay, so this isn’t helping me feel any younger!

While watching movies or television, I see the actors and actresses of my youth aging, which then makes me more aware that I too am getting older. Of course, the beauty industry doesn’t really help either. I mean, we are being inundated with images of youth (especially when the models are barely in their 20’s!) and it seems that every beauty product out there is made to keep us looking young or even younger. And being a beauty junkie, I want all of it…who doesn’t want to look a little younger or at least slow down the aging process? Ummm…me!

The whole, “okay, so, yeah, I guess I’m getting older”, really hit me when I was doing my hair. For the longest time, I thought my roots were a shade of taupey brown. But then, at closer inspection, I noticed something shiny was reflecting off the bathroom lights…a sole silver strand. I started flipping my hair around looking for more. I centered my part tightly so I could get a closer look. Yep, that was a silver strand…staring me in my older face! That “taupey” color was more of a grey brown. Not quite reaching a full blown grey, but surely it will be changing more to that silver hue any day now.  I used to think it would be so cool to have a stripe of silver hair, similar to Stacy London  (she really rocks that streak! I love it!) However, once I saw that silver strand, I wanted nothing of the sort…at least for now.

However, while reality has set in that my next birthday isn’t my 25th…I do feel much better about myself than I did when I was in my 20’s. It’s a little funny, a little ironic, that while we are young, we (or at least me) tend to be more insecure with ourselves, while now that I’m older, and a few lines here and there, the greys that are coming in…I have more confidence with myself than I ever did before. Thinking back, I don’t know when things changed in this direction, maybe it was the kid. Maybe it was realizing there are way more important things out there than worrying about what I look like, or trying to be something I’m not. I don’t know exactly when that wisdom finally sunk in, but I wish it had when I was in my 20’s. (So much wasted energy!)

The November issue of In Style features Drew Barrymore. She shares a little bit about her career, life and steps in life that got her where she is now. She also shares that she has finally accepted who she is…and is in a happier place because of that. Which is exactly what FLESH Beauty would love for all women. FLESH Beauty’s goal is for every woman to feel beautiful in her own flesh. So, not only accepting who you are, but also who you are not. Which is okay…better than okay. Because why would you want to be someone else when no one else is like you?

So, the next time, I or you, start to freak out about another silver strand appearing, or a line getting a bit deeper, while I may not like it immediately, I know that it’s part of who I am. But it doesn’t need to change how young I feel…because I still feel like I can keep up with my former 20 something self…well, most of the time.


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