Beauty Apologies

Oh, I have been a bad, bad, very bad beauty blogger. From daily to weekly to once a month? I am terribly sorry to those of you who used to enjoy the daily dose of beauty, life and a few things in between.

I could go on and on with excuses (work, family, fear, surprise!…baby is on the way!,work, laziness, etc) but these are just excuses. I have always dreamed of making FLESH Beauty a reality and the blog is just the beginning. With out FLESH Fans like you, this FLESH Beauty would be nothing. So why would I stop? Why is this not a priority in my life?

I’d like to think everyone goes through a period in their life where things just aren’t going in the direction they had planned. But that is the time to reevaluate and adjust the coarse, find another way. I’ve been lost recently, and it is now time to shift and move things around so that I make time for FLESH Beauty. After all , it is my dream. I better start doing if I ever want this dream to become reality.

So, here is my commitment to me…to those of you who believe in FLESH Beauty…who believe in me…who believe in living their dream. I hope you continue to enjoy the weekly dose of beauty that I promise to deliver…each week.

FLESH Beauty promise.



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