Sometimes…Zit Happens.

Uggh! The dreaded pimple, white head, blemish, or zit, whatever you may call them, zits suck! They can ruin your day or worse, your week! I thought I grew out of this pimple phase, but every now and then, one comes outta no where and it can be bad.

I’m talking about the kind that are deep, the kind you can feel but not quite see right away until they are monstrous! And really, you can’t do anything about it. You can try your best to squeeze or pop, but this type of pimple just won’t burst…the under grounder pounder…yes, I’m talking about cystic acne. These types of pimples are the absolute worst and the most difficult to get rid of.

But why am I getting this gnarly pimple in my mid (cough…late) 30’s? I think about any new products that I’m using…could any of them be the culprit? Well, nothing new has been introduced in over a month, so that couldn’t be it. Am I under stress? Well, no added stress in my life at the moment. Stress, yes, but nothing new that I should be overly stressed about. I’m an adult…that right there is stress enough! What the hell is going on that caused this stupid blemish to appear? And then it comes to mind…you’re pregnant! Pregnant yes, but I didn’t get pimples during my last pregnancy, in fact my skin was awesome!  So, I’m ruling out pregnancy as the blame. Any food that could be the blame? I don’t think food has ever been the culprit in my acne years. Then wtf could be causing this ginormous blemish on my face? Well, in my case, sometimes… zit happens.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is super bothered by blemishes. Like I mentioned above, they can ruin your day, week or even your special occasion. Zits can really kill your self confidence. My acne was kinda bad when I was younger and it totally affected my confidence. So, I went on Accutane to alleviate the pimple issue, and it worked. My skin was with out blemishes. I also felt so much better about myself. I have to say that I would never wish acne on my worst enemy as it really can feel like your life is ruined. Years went by without a breakout, however, after about 5 years off of Accutane and an occasional blemish thought I missed it somehow and would stop by and visit for a few days to a week. Not sure how any blemish thought I “missed” them, as anytime one is in town, I do my best to get rid of them. However, with trial and error, I finally found me some blemish fighting, zit zapping protocol that works for me. Every. Time.

  1. The first thing I do is go back to the basics. I stop any and all treatments, including: serums, exfoliators – manual and chemical, anti aging moisturizer, in addition to sunblock.
  2. Grab my basics – foaming cleanser, pimple treatment and oil free moisturizer (with cystic acne, I like to use a moisturizer that also treats blemishes). For my cleanser, I go back to Boots Botanics Moisturizing BootsBotanicsMoisturizingDeepCleanFoamDeep Clean Foam. I like this one because it is a soap free yet super foamy, but doesn’t dry out my skin like other foam washes. And since I’m also using products to dry that pimple out, I don’t want to over dry my skin, and this cleanser is the perfect option! My go to zit zapper is the AcneFree Severe Terminator 10 (10% Micro Benzoyl Peroxide) which is awesome at getting rid of stubborn acne, specifically those under AcndeFreeTerminator10grounder pounders. The key ingredient is in the form of a micro benzoyl peroxide which the package says does not overdry the skin or result in redness like a traditional benzoyl peroxide. I have to agree as I never experience the dreaded pimple dry out where the skin can often start flaking because it is so dry. Lastly, my go to moisturizer during this pimple fighting process is the Boots Botanics Complexion Refining Light Night Cream (uses Rosemary to protect and clarify and also contains willow bark, the natural form of salicilyc acid to treat blemishes). This is such a light weight and oil free moisturizer, yet still provides adequate hydration so my dry/combination skin doesn’t turn all dry.BootsBotanicsComplexionRefiningLightNightCream
  3. Every day, I use this 3 power treatment to fight the dreaded cystic pimple. Usually its by day 3 that the pimple has become much less noticeable, to the point I’m the only one who knows of it’s existence and by day 5 all is normal on my face again.

When using my go to treatment, my skin can go to the drier side, but not to the point where it is uncomfortable. Once that pimple is gone, I slowly go back to my normal routine over the next few days. Usually, it starts with my normal anti aging moisurizer, however, I still avoid any serums or scrubs. I will continue to spot treat the area with the AcneFree product over the next two days just to make sure that sucker isn’t coming back. Then I switch from using the AcneFree product and go back to my anti aging serum.  By the following week, I feel it is safe again to do exfoliating treatments or chemical treatments on my skin with out the fear of the dreaded zit coming back.

What do you do when you have the dreaded pimple? Any magic products you can share?

I do not work for any of the companies listed nor did I receive any compensation for this post.

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