Trick Or Treatment



Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. For me, it’s all about the candy. I’m a candy freak…I love it as much as I love cosmetics. And yes, I judge you by the candy you give away. I’ve always wanted to go to a store that sold both candy and makeup…I think when I die, that will be my heaven.

I also love dressing up in fun or scary costumes. I still remember my favorite costume, my mom made it for me…I was She-Ra, Princess of Power. That was the coolest costume I ever wore. I think I was 7 or 8 at the time. Ahh memories!

Another reason I love Halloween, are the traditions… especially the tradition of carving pumpkins. However, I’m not a, ‘let’s roast the seeds and eat them later’, or ‘let’s make pumpkin pie from the left overs‘. I’m all about the silly or spooky carving from the pumpkin and the messy process in itself that makes it so fun.

It wasn’t until I received some samples of Sanitas’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, that I thought pumpkin could be used for something more useful..and by useful, I’m talking skincare. Not having a pumpkin yet (I’m also a procrastinator) I pulled out my samples of Sanitas’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask to find out exactly what pumpkin could do for my skin.

But first, I want to share a little back story on the brand… Sanitas is a company that uses stimulation and nourishment to achieve your healthiest skin. Sanitas stimulates your skin using alpha and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate and stimulate the cell renewal process. In addition, topical nutrients such as, Vitamins A, C, D, E and K as well as essential fatty acids and peptides will nourish and accelerate the growth process.

When I received samples of the product from the Sanitas rep, she warned me that the products are active, meaning you may feel them working, but it wouldn’t burn or hurt my skin. So, I took the samples and have been waiting to use them ever since.

So what can pumpkin do for the skin? Sanitas claims that it’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask  will:
-Stimulate cell turnover enzymatically
-Enzymes help unclog pores and dissolve sebum
-Skin texture and tone benefits from exfoliation
-Skin is hydrated and better able to retain moisture
-Helps reduce hyper pigmentation

So, I have combo skin (dry on cheeks and forehead, while oily on my nose – darn those large pores!)and some hyper pigmentation due to annual trips to Lake Mead as a child and not enough sun screen! So, this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask was made for me.


Testing out the Sanitas Pumpkin Enzyme Mask


Sample sachet of the gel like Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

I started with clean damp skin (as the instructions indicated) and then I followed by applying the cool gel type mask all over my face, being careful not to get it too close to my eyes (just outside my orbital bone). The smell of the pumpkin mask is actually really nice. Not a fake pumpkin, almost as though maybe a dash of nutmeg was in it as well (although it’s not). It was fresh and non chemically smelling. While I’m not a fan of most pumpkin smells, this was really nice and again fresh. I felt the most subtle of tingling on the skin which subsided after about 10 seconds (I’ve used glycolic peels in the past which have made me want to itch my skin off, and this was nothing like that at all!). My skin did turn a little patchy pinkish red in some areas, however, I am touch sensitive, meaning if I touch my skin, I’ll turn pink or red almost immediately. So this did not bother me in the least. After 10 minutes on the skin, I rinsed off with tepid water (again, as the instructions indicated) and I was left with smoother and brighter skin immediately. I then followed with my normal skin routine.


The next day, I woke up and no blemishes! (That sometimes happens when I use a mask) My skin remained smooth and bright. The pumpkin enzyme mask worked! After I use the rest of my sample packs, I’ll have to go pick up the full size container which is just under $30. (I was in Pharmaca when I received my sample, so you can purchase there or you can email the company directly to find out locations nearest you-

If you are in the mood for pumpkin this season, while sipping your pumpkin spice latte, you may also want to give the Sanitas Pumpkin Enzyme Mask a try. I promise it’s all treat and no tricks!

I do not work for any of the companies listed nor did I receive any compensation for this post. I did receive the free samples, but so did everyone else shopping in the Pharmaca store that day.

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