Coffee In A Tube

I’m a big fan of coffee and when I don’t have it, life seems to suck (and not just for me, but those around me too). This seems to be true with some makeup products as well. I didn’t really realize how much until recently…
So, my work-life balance has been a challenge as it usually goes. Of course, with life changes happening at the same time, the whole work-life becomes even more difficult. With work demands, not having enough people and feeling as though I haven’t been doing anything at all, while at the same time running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and of course life happening (and by life happening, I am being totally literal as I recently received confirmation that I am pregnant…) I am totally exhausted. Which I know happens to all of us. Which is why coffee is my drug of choice. It just so happens, that during my first trimester my taste buds have decided to conspire against me, coffee no longer has the same fragrant wonderful odor nor does it have the same rich, wake me up taste. Now, the smell leaves me nauseous and while I decided I should drink it anyway, the taste (now oh so bitter!), just isn’t the same…and neither am I!
Anyway, so no coffee?!? What is this girl to do? Well, makeup makes all things right again! Or so, I thought.  While I am excited to have another little life coming into this world, I’m not quite ready to have everyone looking down at my belly and watch it grow. To avoid this, I’ve been doing my makeup a little more dramatic. My main goal is to distract people from my growing belly and keep the focus on my face. So, things have become a little smokier, a little more lippy…you  get the idea. Well, it was one day when I forgot to put on a certain key piece of makeup and a coworker comes up to me, and tells me how tired I looked and gave me a hug (yes, she hugged me! – Folks, if you didn’t know already, I’m not a hugger). I then found an excuse to leave and raced to a mirror. Tired, a bit of an understatement…I looked haggard. My coworker was nice to tell me I looked tired, when I really looked like a bus ran over me. Dark circles were completely obvious…I apparently had forgotten to use a key product before I left for work that morning. The game changer, the coffee in a tube for under my eyes, my holy grail concealer…my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This has been my go to product, especially since coffee has decided to betray me. Why do I love thee? Well, there are just so many ways!
0607845012344The Nars concealer is light weight (so no settling into my fine lines) yet has buildable coverage that will leave a luminous finish. I love that I can use it on a no makeup day, as it effortlessly blends into skin completely undetectable, just leaving you looking wide awake, as though you’ve already had your cup of caffeine for the day!
I can’t believe I forgot to wear the necessity for the day! I don’t believe in pregnancy brain, but maybe there is some truth to it…or maybe it was the lack of sleep that day which made me forget the most important step in my makeup routine. On my lunch break that day, I went next door to Sephora to pick up a spare of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and keep in my purse, as I have a feeling this won’t be the first time I’ll forget the most important product of my day.

Do you have a product you can’t live with out? Share in the comments below!

I do not work for any of the companies listed above, nor did I receive any compensation for this post.

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