Labor Day has come and gone, the weather is finally starting to cool down…at least today it is! And I guess I can finally say that summer is officially over. I used to be bummed when summer was over, but now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to realize that Summer is just another season where I still have to go to work and it’s just really friggin’ hot. While I do love warmer weather I’m not a fan of uncomfortably hot weather, especially since I’ve moved to the Sacramento area, and no longer near the fabulous shores of San Diego. I’m growing into a Fall person, which also feels as though I’m letting go of my love of Southern California, but I think that I’m just finally adapting. (Don’t get me wrong, the next opportunity to move back to San Diego I’ll take in a heart beat!) Anyway, Fall has become my new favorite season as the days are a good warm and it actually cools down at night, and that calls for a bit of light layering which tends to be more fun.

Fall is also the time of year where we see brands launch and feature products that follow the new beauty trends.  This Fall, you may have noticed the jewel tones rockin’ the pages of your fave beauty magazines…or if you’ve walked past a Sephora or visited their website, you’ve seen wine lips and burgundy lids all over their advertisements, which is really exciting, because it just so happens that I love burgundy! I am so looking forward to some fun burgundy beauty days ahead. In fact, I must share with you some of my favorite burgundy colors…


Photo from – exclusive color to Sephora (it’s not even on the Clinique website!!!)

One of my favorite burgundy colors is also an old school fave…Clinique’s Black Honey; the perfect burgundy for any skin tone or color. It just works with everyone! While the Almost Lipstick is the original Black Honey color, the color has become so popular that Clinique continues to launch products using Black Honey. One of my favorite go to’s is the automatic eyeliner in Black Honey. I have grey/green/blue eyes, and this color plays them up beautifully and really makes them pop. I wear it often, just about every day. Recently, Clinique launched a range of mascara colors, including a Black Honey!! Specifically Chubby Lash Mascara in Bodacious Black Honey… Yes, I already have it! In addition
to the eyeliner, this is an absolute must for Fall. Initially I was worried that the color would be too colorful and instead of long lashes, all you would see is Black Honey color which then I would have to partner with my regular black mascara, but to my great surprise, I can use this Black Honey mascara all on its own! No need for a second mascara to deepen. In fact, the color is a rich burgundy that will thicken, lengthen and volumize your lashes, but with the most subtle color enhancement. My eyes really pop when using this mascara!

Toofacedchocolatebarpalette (2)

Photo from – cherry cordial

Recently, I’ve been using a burgundy eye shadow as my go to for my outer corner/crease. Why? It’s just a mood I’ve been in recently, and of course since getting the Clinique mascara, it was an easy partner. My favorite burgundy shadow more recently has been from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, specifically called ‘Cherry Cordial’. The color payoff is fabulous and it is very easy to blend. Of course, the smell of the entire palette is intoxicating! A whiff of chocolate while I apply makeup? Best. Ever.


Image from, Buxom Full On Lipstick in Dolly

Sometimes when I go for the burgundy eye look I’ll keep the rest of the face more on the neutral side, soft pink blush and nude or light lips. Sometimes, however, when I want to be a bit more adventurous, I will use a nice coordinating lipstick color  and really rock the burgundy. My go to lipstick has been from Buxom cosmetics, specifically the Full On Lipstick in Dolly. Now this is a more nude burgundy color. Yes, there is such a thing. It’s beautiful really. A color made for everyone’s lips, a color that is oh so flattering! It deepens your natural lip color and is really just perfect. I do receive compliments every time I wear it. Which is funny, because it’s never the lipstick that gets the compliment, more so the overall look, but it’s only when I have the lipstick on that I get the compliment. So I’ve figured it must be the lipstick! Oh, how lipstick can change everything!


Image from – Dolly color swatch


Below are a couple of my fave inspirational burgundy looks…


Image from Pintrest


Image from Pintrest







What are some of your fall favorites? What makes you feel beautiFALL?

I do not work for any of the companies listed above nor did I receive any compensation for this post. Any products mentioned have been purchased by me.


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