Hair Affair

It seems that every time the seasons change, I want to make a change to my hair…drastic change. Oh, my poor hair! It’s been through so many colors and back again that I have conversations with my hair prior to making the BIG change. For example, “I’m sorry we are doing this…yet again! But it really is necessary. We can’t be this color forever…I promise, I won’t get bangs this time…I know, I’ll make sure we get a good deep conditioner…Yes, we need to also make a cut…I don’t know if we will chop a lot off or just a trim…we can figure it out when we speak with the stylist…I know, I know, I owe you!”

Yes, it’s a bit like that. My hair likes to be involved.

Anyway, now that Fall is around the corner, and it’s been some time since I’ve done anything major to my hair, and after flipping  through all the beauty pages in magazines, I’ve been inspired to make a big change. But do I go platinum and chop it off? Have you seen the Michelle Williams LouisMichelleWilliamsLouisVuittoncampaign Vuitton ad? That has given me some major inspiration…but then after speaking with my hair, I’m reminded how much upkeep there is with shorter hair and do I really want to commit to something that short? As well as the bleaching process, not sure what my hair can handle after the harshness of summer. Of course, there is the exact opposite…keep it long but then go deep…really deep. Like a deep brown burgundy. Or, do I leave it alone and keep what I have and just get a healthy trim? My hair would love for me to do nothing at all and just get a healthy trim. My hair even promised nothing but good hair days if I did just that…but my hair is a liar! Can’t be trusted.

What I really need is to see what my hair would look like with some major changes. So, I found an app just for that (Hairstyle Mirror). Take a look at the photos below…

HairstyleMirror_1439863094074 HairstyleMirror_1439863491500 HairstyleMirror_1439863064347 HairstyleMirror_1439862898128 HairstyleMirror_1439862265403 HairstyleMirror_1439862236704 HairstyleMirror_1439861713859

Oh, this app is so fun…while the photos are not exactly what I would look like, it does give a good idea…and I have to say that I am so glad I never got a pixie cut! This did help me decide what BIG change I wanted to make. And after seeing some of the above photos, my hair agreed. How about a nice bold color change and not quite a chop but more than a trim. Take a look below and the finished look!

CALILIFE - WIN_20150826_121218 (2)

After photo – a nice deep brown and about 3 inches shorter. And guess what? I’m still having fun!


Before – do blondes have more fun? Hint: you hair color isn’t an indicator for what life has for you, so have fun no matter what your hair color!

Here are some tips when making a big change to your hair color…
– try not to color hair on freshly washed hair…allow your hair’s oils to do their magic for a couple days after you wash. Your hair and scalp will thank you!
– Going from brown to blonde? Best to do it in phases…sometimes a drastic change needs to be done in baby steps so your hair won’t break off from the harsh bleaching process!
– Going from blonde to brown? Best to do a two step process. Start with a warmer red brown and then finish with a neutral brown. Blonde hair needs a little warmth as a filler (otherwise you may end up turning a green/brown…yuck! And it has happened to me before!) and then doing another neutral brown will help tone done some of the reddish tones. Remember kindergarten and painting? When you mix red and green you get brown…same idea for hair color. Some browns have more green (ash) and some have more red (warmth). So, in efforts to not have your hair turn green, start with the warmth and if you need to cool down the warmth, then follow with a second process of a neutral brown.
– Either process…avoid box color in the grocery/drug store! If you are going to do it yourself, visit a beauty supply that sells hair color. Watch a few youtube hair tutorials to get suggestions on color mixtures. The box color in the grocery can be crazy harsh! Or, better yet, if you can afford a professional, go see one!
– Cleansing conditioner. Repeat. Cleansing conditioner. Hair is fragile whether going darker or lighter. I love using a cleansing conditioner the first few days after coloring as it helps the overall color stay fresh and there is less friction on cleansing the hair leading to less hair fall out and fewer broken strands. I’m a fan of the Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing Conditioner (I wrote about it here)..
– Weekly deep conditioner to maintain your newly colored locks. Make sure you find one that is suitable for color treated hair as well as hair type (fine/thin, curly, coarse/thick, etc).

Have you had a major hair change? Post a pic using #hairaffairfleshbeauty

I do not work for any of the companies listed nor did I receive any compensation for this post.

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