The Weirdest Mascara that You Just HAVE to Try…


Look Ma!  They’re not falsies!

I am a Harpers Bazaar Style Ambassador and so occasionally they will send me products to play with and then review.  I’m always excited when I see a box in the mail from them.  I’ve gotten neck creams, moisturizers, and all sorts of goodies.  Some good, some meh.  All pretty normal products…except this one.  This last box from them contained the weirdest mascara I have ever seen or used.  And it’s one that even if you don’t love it, you HAVE to get it simply to try it.

Physician’s Formula has just come out with their Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit.  I’ve seen all sorts of things used to extend the length of your lashes…fibers, tubes, cellulose spheres.   But this…this is beyond crazy.

It’s a two-step process which you can do multiple times to get the look you want.  You start with a layer of the mascara and then, while the mascara is still wet, you brush on the powdery, fluffy extensions and then top with another coat of the mascara to seal it in.  You can repeat this process as many times as you’d like to get the look you desire.


You can see the fluffies coming out of the “Extensions” tube.  Don’t stand in front of a fan!

To test it out, I did my normal face, just stopped at mascara.  I needed a “control”, so for this test, I only did one eye to be able to compare the differences.  The photo below shows the results as I went.  The top row is doing the procedure once and the bottom is after going another round (so doing it twice).


Top is one coat, bottom is two coats.

Let me say that this process is beyond awkward and weird.  For starters, DO NOT put on this mascara with a fan going, a window open, etc.  The slightest hint of a breeze and you have the black fluffiness in your eyes.  Speaking from experience, it’s not fun.  And do not put your concealer on before this mascara.  You WILL get black fluffy fall out under your eyes and while the fluffies don’t stain, you do have to brush them off which could disturb your concealer.  Once done though…WOW!!!  Lashes are long and thick.  Only one coat made them look nice and lush.  Two coats though looked like I had falsies on!  Not the big, fat, crazy falsies.  More like the “natural” ones, but falsies just the same.  I was really, REALLY tempted to put another coat on to see what it would do, but I have a PTA meeting tonight (I’m the president) and I could only imagine what the moms would all be thinking (Seriously!  She had to wear fake lashes to the meeting!  Gosh!).

Am I going to wear this mascara every day?  Absolutely not.  I simply don’t have the time required to mascara, fluffy and then mascara my way through the morning.  But, I can say that for any special occasions, I will ABSOLUTELY use this mascara as while I’m a makeup artist and extremely adept at putting falsies on, I can’t stand the feeling of wearing them personally.  This gives me the wide-eyed look of falsies, without the physical drama of falsies.

I’m anxious to see somebody put on three or four coats of this stuff.  If you do, post a picture and tag us in it.  I’d love to see how it does!


Note: While I am a Harpers Bazaar Style Ambassador, I do not get paid for any of my reviews.  Also, while I do get the product for free, I am not required to write about it unless I love it.  I do not work for Physician’s Formula, nor did I receive any compensation from them for this article.

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