Lessons Learned From My Simple Is Beautiful Challenge

So a little while back I challenged myself to not purchase any new beauty products unless of course I ran out of a product that I did not have a back up, for example, cleansing conditioner.

Well, I started off great. I rearranged my products and I was actually getting use out of many of the products that had just been sitting in my makeup case. Instead of going shopping, I would go into my stash and select different products to use that week. For the first week, I focused on using my L’Oreal La Nude Palette 2 all week. The following week I replaced my L’Oreal palette and returned it to my bin and pulled out a Palladio shadow quad I had purchased from the previous month along with one of my most favorite Chanel eye quads.  Each week I continued to swap products from my stash into my current rotation of products. I looked forward to Sunday evenings, as that was the day I would rearrange my products and place back into my stash and grab different products into my current rotation.

Once I stopped making beauty purchases and actually used what I owned, I realized what I loved and didn’t love in my beauty arsenal. I also became fixated on owning certain shades that I realized I did not have. For example, I did not have a deep blue eye shadow. Why not?!? While I do not recall ever wanting to wear the color, all of a sudden it was the only color I could think about! Did I give that away at one point? Well, since I don’t have one, I need one. Time to go shopping! On that shopping trip I also see a beautiful lilac blush from Clinique (do I already own that color? I don’t think so…I should get it…crap, I shouldn’t, I can’t. Damn challenge). It took about 4 weeks when I started having beauty withdrawals. But the competitor in me didn’t want to throw in the makeup brush this early.

Now I know how hard it is for some people to diet. I mean, it is very similar. Not eating (buying) the food (beauty products) you really love…I can’t imagine how hard it would be for some one who loves donuts to stop eating donuts especially when they walk by a Krispy Kreme every day. Did I mention my job is located next to Sephora? Not only that, but the MAC store is across the way, which is just two doors down from the Bare Minerals store. And if I take a few more steps, I’ll run into Aveda, Origins and of course Nordstrom’s beauty department. Yes, my place of work is located inside the mall. What the hell was I thinking when I decided to attempt this no more beauty challenge?

So, all in all, I was able to last up until about 2 weeks ago, when I fell off the beauty wagon and really, I was okay with it. But, during this challenging time, I learned a few things about myself…

Lessons Learned-

  • It’s pretty easy purchasing the latest trend or fad product, but sometimes that’s all those products are, just a passing fad. Many times you don’t need to purchase the “special” product and instead use a product you already own. For example, the contour trend is pretty awesome. Lots of various contouring palettes and other products to achieve perfect cheekbones a la Kim Kardashian. While I would drool over many of those palettes, I already owned a product that could do the job just as effectively, if not better than some of the options out there. I already owned the W3ll People Narcissist Foundation stick in shade No7, which is the perfect shade to contour on fair to medium skin tones. So why did I want that contour palette when I could already rock the trend?
  • I became a makeup artist again. Since not working full time in the beauty industry, I haven’t really had a chance to put makeup on anyone else but myself. Normally, the makeup artist in me would be able to come out and play about 10 times per week on various faces. I’d have a chance to create various looks on women and get creative. Not being in that environment stopped my creativity. Anyway, by only focusing on a limited selection of colors each week, I really had a chance to be creative using only what I had in my current rotation. Sometimes it felt as though I needed to dig into the stash and find something else, but I would stop and force that look to work using only that current stash. It worked! Creativity was unleashed again! No new products needed!
  • I was okay purging products from my stash… as long as I gave that product a good ol’ college try and still didn’t love it..buh bye. Even some brands that I thought I loved? Gone. Into the beauty round file.
  • Old favorites came out again and I realized how much I loved the product in the first place…why did I ever stop using it in anyway?
  • Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu…I learned self control. Okay, so it may not seem like I did, but trust me I did. There were so many times I would be bored on my lunch break, so what’s a girl to do? Sephora, of course! I would go in and touch and play and see the beautiful packaging and colors and initially want to purchase. I would even pick up the product only to then immediately put it back, as though the package was going to spontaneously catch fire and I was about to get burned… And by the way, I still have not purchased that Clinique blush…yet.
  • And back to the diet metaphor…similar to someone on a diet and well, having a ‘cheat’ day…well, not only did I cheat, I totally had a beauty binge. Because when you see that Krispy Kreme has buy one dozen get the second for 78 cents, you buy the two freakin’ dozen donuts! My ‘cheat’ also happens to be the same time I totally fell off the beauty wagon. I happened to be in the Sephora inside JC Penny (yes, I work where there are 2 Sephoras!!!! #Blessed or #cursed ?), when I passed by that same Nars foundation I had been eyeing for…well, it seemed like forever! I also found out that the Bite Watercolor lip gloss collection had gone on clearance from $49 to $23.99. Prestige beauty on sale? What beauty diet?


Now, life is back to normal. No more beauty diet. However, just like most things in life, I learned that everything, including beauty products and well, donuts, are okay in moderation. Simple really is beautiful.


What have you learned from going on a beauty diet? Leave your comments below!




We do not work for any of the companies listed nor did we receive any compensation for this post. I am a freelance artist for W3ll People cosmetics and have only received work related gratis, which I happen to love enough to write about! W3ll People has not given me any compensation for this post.

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