The Best Stuff In Life Is Free

Ahhh, living a life of simplicity…or at least attempting it. You see, I’ve challenged myself to not purchase any beauty products for as long as possible (unless of course,  I run out and need to replenish…for example, mascara and the 3 month rule, cleansing conditioner – I go through my bottle monthly…you get the idea). I think most self proclaimed beauty junkies go through phases in their lives when it’s time to go on a beauty purchasing freeze. I’ve been on my since May 1st (if you missed that original posting, click here), and I have to say it has been a challenge…I think I’d rather run a marathon without proper training than continue this beauty phase, or really, lack there of beauty phase. But I digress,  I will have a follow up for that post, that day is just not today.

Anyway, while I haven’t made a beauty purchase since May 1 (I’ve even suspended my Birchbox subscription) I have received some pretty cool beauty freebies. Some have come to me via gratis for a line I rep, while others have been goodies for being a member of a store rewards program. Anyway, if you too are on the beauty wagon, here are some freebie tips and tricks-

  • ULTA beauty – okay, so for this one, I admit I received it in March, but I didn’t pull it out of my bin until May 1. Anyway, during the first quarter of the year, Ulta had this 5 pan eye shadow palette as a freebie to ULTAmate reward members if their birthday was in January, February or March. My birthday was in March, so pretty good beauty score. I am also a platinum

    Happy Birthday to me from ULTA. If your birthday is past the month of March and an Ultamate Rewards member, there is something different for your birthday month.

    rewards member so Ulta sends me a $10 off coupon plus I earn double points during the entire month of my birthday. Not too shabby. With that $10 credit, you could easily get a full size product from a mass brand without paying any additional, plus the eyeshadow?!? Crazy good beauty deal!

  • Sephora – so this mecca of a beauty retailer also has a rewards program that gifts during birthdays, the Beauty Insider rewards program. Again, while I received mine in March, I didn’t even open it until this beauty challenge began. Anyway, I received the Nars mini lip pencil duo, which included the matte velvet lip pencil in Cruella and the mini lip satin pencil in Rikugien. Well, that’s not all. Over the year I have racked up just over 500 insider points. Have you seen the recent 500 point reward Sephora is offering? This one is pretty good too! A total of 5 deluxe minis from Laura Mercier perfect for creating flawlessness! What a perfect way to try Laura Mercier’s products with out forking over the investment.

Sephora’s current 500 point reward. You do not need to purchase anything additional. Just redeem points in store (on line you will need to make a purchase to add to your cart).




  • Start working for a beauty company – yes, it’s true…companies want you to sell their products, so they will give you the product to use, hoping you love it and share that love with the world! So, I am a rep for a line that I really do love. I honestly couldn’t rep a line that I didn’t love the product because I just can’t recommend product that I don’t love and use. And what’s the point in getting freebies if you don’t like the products? Jeanette’s the one who got me introduced to the brand as she is also a rep. Anyway, so it’s been a few months and I am loving the products I have so far tried from W3ll People. A totally natural line that really performs as well as any mainstream cosmetics line. I am super impressed as I never really found “natural” cosmetics or products that really perform, but W3ll People’s cosmetics give me that natural beauty look I’ve always wanted to have but never could quite create. I’ve received quite a few products thus far, but some of my favorites are their Narcissist foundation sticks as well as their Universalist multi sticks.
  • Find a BFF at your cosmetics counter – yes, when you come to the store often, have a go to associate at the beauty counter, you will get free goodies, sometimes even with out making a purchase. But you gotta be a loyal shopper to that one associate. For example, call the store prior to coming in to make sure that beauty associate is working. If not, hope you don’t need that product today. Find out when they will be in store next and then go replenish that mascara. Often times beauty associates will have deluxe freebies to give their best, most loyal clients…that could be you!
  • Bargain shop/hunt. Yep, keep those coupons from your Sunday paper. You never know what kind of beauty steal will be available. For example, ULTA beauty accepts coupons for beauty products, plus they usually have a store coupon to offer as well as some type of promotion like buy 1 get 1 half off,  and you end up getting your product at practically nothing if not free. Drug stores have similar promotions as well as loyal shopper programs to get you the ultimate savings on your beauty products. You just have to be willing to wait it out. I tend to maximize on the offers with my favorite L’Oreal mascara. Recently Rite Aid had a 40% off promotion and I had a $2 off coupon for any L’Oreal item…purchased my favorite mascara (doesn’t count! It was a replenishable item that I did indeed need to replenish) for just about $3 bucks. That’s less than what my quad grande white mocha costs…awesome!
  • My last tip is more of a shout out to a blogger that focuses on scoring beauty products for as little as possible and does it on the daily. If you want the 411 on low cost beauty then go visit


I hope these tips and tricks help you on your beauty buying freeze. So far, it’s helped me but who knows how much longer I’ll be able to be beauty celibate.


What are some of your tips and tricks to scoring major beauty deals for free or next to nothing?



Selfie – I’m rockin, the Sephora Birthday freebie Nars matte velvet lip pencil in Cruella. I also used the Aveda lip pencil in fire maple – another freebie I received from a good friend 🙂


Selfie #2 – This time I’m not only using my W3ll People Narcissist Foundation stick #3 and Universalist #9, I’m also wearing my Nars satin lip pencil in Rikugien. All free!












We have not received any compensation for this post, however, I am a rep for W3ll People cosmetics, the products I received were quarterly gratis- I did not receive any compensation for writing about the products or company. Any other companies listed I do not work for.



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