The Power of a Manicure…


I’ve been having some cruddy days lately.  Anyone else having them too?  I just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything and by anything, I mean ANYTHING!  I’ve worn make-up maybe twice in the last week (and none of the looks were anything to write home about).  My lavender hair is currently in a messy top knot.  I’m wearing leggings and a sweatshirt that says, “More Issues than Vogue” and right now I’m truly feeling this sweatshirt.

I have so many projects on my plate right now and it seems like I’m dealing with drama on all of them.  I’m actually looking forward to junk email in my inboxes because it means that someone doesn’t need something nor is asking for anything.  WOOHOO for the sales ad for Nuxe!

This morning was particularly bad.  I barely had enough motivation to go to Starbucks after dropping the kids off at school.  I’m serious!  I told myself that if I hit any red lights along the way to Starbucks, then it was a sign that I should just go home.  And was fully prepared to make that turn if I did hit a red light.

But I had SO MUCH STUFF TO DO!  My to-do list was getting longer and longer the more I procrastinated trying to find my motivation.

I finally did something about though, FINALLY!  My solution to my condundrum was to…paint my nails.  I know, sounds absolutely ridiculous, a complete waste of time, another procrastination plot.  But for me, it’s not.

I’ve never had nice nails.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that they actually started growing decent and if I maintain them, they don’t look half bad (of course as time goes by and the nails get nicer, the hands themselves have started to age, so you win some and you lose some).

But for me, it’s a treat to have pretty nails.  I feel polished (like what I did there?)  😉  I feel put together.  I feel like I am bad ass bitch that can take on the world.  And so I did!  I completed almost half of my to-do list this afternoon (which doesn’t seem like much except my to-do list had almost 60 things on it).  I got motivated to clean my house.  I actually wrote this article!  All with the power of nail polish!

I guess what I’m saying is that doing something small that’s completely selfish on your part can actually be extremely beneficial.  We, as women, tend to everyone else before ourselves and sometimes we just need a little something for ourselves.  It could be taking that hour to watch your trash tv show.  You know, the one that the husband always looks at you and says, “Really?!?”  (I’m not mentioning names *cough*Real Housewives of OC and NY*cough*).  It could be taking a half an hour and reading a magazine or a book.  Or it could be simply painting your nails.  Whatever it is, it perks you up, cheers you up and just might change your day for the good.

What do you do when you are having a cruddy day?

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