15 Questions with FLESH-Happy Birthday Ashmir Edition…


A very happy birthday goes out to our AMAZING Instagram Femme Fatale, the FASHIONABULOUS Ashmir!  To celebrate her birthday, we are doing “15 Questions with FLESH” with her.  Enjoy!

1. What is your name?  Ashmir

2. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?  Singer

3. What was your major in college?  Vocal Performance – Musical Theater

4. What do you do now?  Manager at Sephora

5. What age were you when you went into your current industry?  18 – I was hired at Nordstrom seasonally and ended up working with many different brands before landing my first management position as Counter Manager for Tony & Tina (Yeah I know, you don’t remember them LOL).

6. What was your first job ever?  I worked at the college bookstore while I was in high school.

7. What is your sign?  Gemini

8.  Are you like your stereotypical sign?  Yes, there are definitely two of me, but we are both nice.

9. What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now?  If I hadn’t discovered my passion for beauty so early on, I may have actually gone on to Med School. I’d love to be a surgeon.

10. If money were no option, what would you be doing?  I’d be working for an animal shelter. And I’d own a giant ranch so that I could rescue all the animals that didn’t get adopted.

11. What has been your most favorite vacation so far?  Any time I go to Puerto Rico is a good vacation, although Napa has been really fun too.

12. What is your dream vacation?  Rent a house with a pool and beach access somewhere gorgeous and exotic. And of course having the money to make sure all of my favorite people are there to enjoy it with me.

13. What is your favorite hobby (not in the same industry as your work) ?   Singing and Dancing. If I could spend my days on a stage, I think that would make me the happiest ever.

14. What’s your biggest pet peeve?  Messiness in the workplace. And unfinished projects. What’s so hard about finishing what you start in a clean and tidy fashion?!?!

15. What’s your most favorite photo of yourself?

2015-05-11 23.35.26

One thought on “15 Questions with FLESH-Happy Birthday Ashmir Edition…

  1. Jacinda Austin says:

    I do remember Tony and Tina!!! We are probably the same age! I wish I still had their cosmetic powder in the color flesh. Mine met a terrible ending, being stolen with my kit out of my car. 😢. I got mine at Nordstrom ad well, in California. And Hard Candy, too.


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