So, I did something “hair”raising.  I dyed my hair purple.  That’s right, PURPLE!  I am a 38 year old, married, mother of two, PTA President with purple hair.



My Before and After.


You might be wondering why.  And my answer is Why Not???  Hehehe.

It started with me wanting to grow out my grey hair.  I started going grey around the age of 24 and am currently about 75% grey.  And I was doing good!  I had a good 4 inches of virgin snow white with some silvery brown regrowth.  But the ends.  OMIGOSH THE ENDS!  Being a bottle brunette for so long, I had color after color on my ends.  Some pieces highlighted, some lowlighted, some used to be red, others dark brown.  I was a big, ole mess and the BRASSINESS!  YIKES!!!  Even when I took the time to do my hair, it still looked like crap.

To fix my brassiness issue, I figured I’d have my hair bleached. Sure it would damage my hair, but it was already damaged and it would help with the crazy color collection going on with my hair.  So, I called up my hair gal (Southwest Styling, you should look her up, AMAZING!) and we set a date to get together and play with bleach.




But while thinking about it, the hair coming out of my head wasn’t all snow white.  There was a lot of silvery grey as well.  Which gave me an idea.  If I use the right shade of purple, it will fade to lavender which will fade to a silvery grey.  Hmmmm…light bulbs are going off!!!

I’ve always loved to play with hair color.  I’ve been all shades of brown, red, even black.  I’ve had blond highlights.  But I never did anything REALLY crazy.  And I’m fortunate to work in a very creative field (hello, make up artist!).  So, if there were ever a time to play, now is as good a time as any.  I decided to go purple!

I was really nervous once it was done.  What would my more conservative clients think?  Would they think I was screaming out for attention or trying to reclaim a long lost youth?  How would my elementary school PTA peeps respond?  A PTA President with purple hair?

Surprisingly, everyone has LOVED it!  (Or at least if they don’t, they’ve been talking about it behind my back instead of to my face, haha!).



Me as a blonde.  Something I had NEVER seen before on me.  And more pics of me purple.  🙂

There’s been a few side effects of going purple and I must say that I quite like them.

The first being that when you have purple hair and you don’t style it, you just try to bundle it all up into a frizzy, messy top knot (like I did for decades with my brunette hair), you end up not looking chic, you end up looking like $hit!  It’s forced my to do my hair every morning.  Yes, it takes longer in the morning, but you know what?  My good hair days have increased exponentially.  And good hair days are PRICELESS for how they impact the rest of your day.

And when you do your hair, you have to do your make-up.  And with purple hair, (and light eyes like me), you HAVE to play up your eyes a lot otherwise you get washed out quick.  I’ve stopped using bronzer and other brown tones as they quickly look brassy on my complexion.  Instead I’ve been doing soft pinks, lavenders and greys.  And a lot of dark purple or black eye liner with loads of mascara.

Another side effect is wardrobe.  Because my hair is so bright, I don’t feel comfortable wearing any bright colors or prints.  For decades, I only wore blacks and charcoals, but in recent years (after many, MANY comments from others about my color choices), I started to branch out with color and *GASP* prints.  But with purple hair, I’ve dug out all my black and charcoal clothes again and it feels like finding a long lost friend.  I feel “normal” again. I feel like “me” again.  (The only downside…I feel that my brown tone leopard prints don’t look very good with purple hair, so I’ve had to put those aside, but my few grey leopard prints look GREAT!).

The final side effect is not one that I was really expecting.  And that’s the change in me psychologically.  It’s been very freeing to do something outlandish and not care what other people think.  Also, it’s an extremely odd feeling being an introvert with extrovert hair.  My purple hair allows me to stand apart from the crowd, yet I don’t have to say a word.  I get to be seen in the world, yet still nurture my inner self who doesn’t like touching other people let alone speaking to them.  This freedom, this release, this lifting of crap off my shoulders has allowed me more time and energy to do the work that I am passionate about.  It’s amazing how much we let those little things affect us day-in, day-out for months, years and even decades.

Now, the nature of purple dye is that it fades very quickly.  It’s been a week and already I’m a soft lavender with silvery blonde highights (except for my virgin snow white hairs which are still a shocking purple making for a pretty cool ombre effect!).  How long will I be purple? I don’t know.  But one thing I do know, it’s fun and it makes me happy, and that’s all I care about.


For those of you interested in how it was done, we did two bleaching sessions with 20%, waited a week, did a 40% bleach session, then I’ve been going purple with the bright purple Manic Panic mixed with their pastelizer.  I’ll have to do it once a week to maintain my purple and I don’t put as much of it on my roots since the virgin hair there soaks it up like crazy.


We do not work for any of the companies listed nor did we receive any sort of compensation for this article.

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