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It’s no surprise that how we look can affect how we feel about ourselves as well. I mean, duh, thats the reason many of us use cosmetics in the first place. As much as I love cosmetics, even some of the best formulas out there can’t do anything about my body, which is why exercise is so beneficial. I used to be a hard core gym goer, doing everything from cardio and various classes to some heavy weight lifting (okay, maybe 15 lbs isn’t so heavy), but I was consistent and I loved how I felt and looked as a result. Now a days, I’m lucky if I can take the dogs for a walk. After I had the Kid, my former gym going self no longer felt motivated and honestly, when after having the Kid and when one day I was leaving the gym a woman approached me and asked when I was due, to which I replied, “last month”. I was mortified and did not want to return to the gym. I soon realized the struggle people face when feeling the need to lose some weight. And it wasn’t like 10 lbs…I gained about 45 lbs during my pregnancy which at the time did not look like a lot on my 5’9″ frame…it wasn’t until after I had the Kid who weighed in at 7lbs 8 oz (and trying on a pair of pre baby jeans) that I knew I was no longer close to my former svelte self.

Fast forward to about 9 months when I still had about 15 lbs to go…I had been running with the dogs and finding time to go to the gym, but I no longer felt motivated to do the ‘hard core’ workouts I used to love…in fact I resented my former self for doing those…ever. I needed something different. One day I happened to be in Bed Bath and Beyond when I came across the workout stuff…kettle balls, weights, bands, and various videos. My eyes caught sight of the Tracy Anderson Method (I had seen the late night infomercials with Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities endorsing the workout guru, and I liked the idea of different workouts based on your body type – I’m a typical pear shape) and thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a go.


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The Tracy Anderson Method, specifically, Metamorphosis, is a workout that incorporates 30 minutes of dance cardio with a 30 minute workout specific to your body type. The goal is to do 6 days of workouts followed by 1 day of rest. There is also a meal plan (FYI, I don’t do meal plans) to kick start your goals. Then, every day you weigh yourself and write it down as well as weekly measurements and photos to track your progress.

Week 1 down, I already weighed less…5lbs to be exact. I didn’t really notice much else but happy the scale told me differently. By week four my clothes were fitting better and I could squeeze into my pre baby jeans. After my 90 days were up I was back to my former self. I felt great that I stuck with it and of course the results were amazing! I finally had abs again, and I felt good about myself again. I no longer needed to wear my maternity clothes, I was back to my regular pre baby clothes.

Since completing my 90 days, I have since continued Tracy Anderson workouts of all sorts (You Tube her….crazy amounts of videos) and anyone who asks, I’m shouting Tracy Anderson from my rooftop!

Not only do I love the results of the TA method, but I appreciate her realistic take on excercise, mainly:

– Daily, you gotta be consistent to not only acheive the results but maintain them

– TA focuses on the “accessory” muscles- the little ones that are connected to our bigger and bulkier muscles. By focusing on these smaller less used muscles,  you get strong and lean, with out the bulkiness of traditional weight lifting/workouts

– Mind and body connection. This isn’t mindless running on a treadmill going nowhere, this is using multiple parts of the body at once to sculpt your body

– TA works those accessory muscles hard by doing multiple reps of each exercise. And by reps, I’m talking 40 reps of lifting your leg to the ceiling

– 3 lbs and no more! TA says that you don’t need to use anything heavier as it can bulk you up too much…should you stop lifting the heavy weights, you’re left with saggy skin where that bulky muscle used to be.

– Change it up; TA focuses on changing your routine every 10 days. With the Metamorphosis there is a new workout every 10 days, so with the initial 90 days, you have 9 different workouts. Of course she has so many more to offer as well

– Workout like x to get a body like x; meaning if you love a runner’s body then you better start pounding pavement. There are no shortcuts to your perfect body (Tracy uses moves similar to a dancer as TA has a dance background and many people tend to prefer the dancer type body)

– Eat real food, organic food, good food. Stop with the fast food and sugar and all the other stuff that is not good for you. (I’ll be honest, I can’t stop sugar, but I am more aware of what is going into my body. I can say I eat less of the bad stuff and adding more of the real stuff)

It’s been about 1.5 years since I started TA’s method and I continue to use her workouts. I have to say that the dance cardio felt pretty silly the first month I was doing it…then I actually became pretty good at the moves and listened to my Pandora music and it became something that I looked forward to each day. While I tend to curse at the television during many of TA’s workouts, (usually after doing 30 reps of any particular exercise) I really do look forward to those workouts as I feel everything gets pulled in, I totally feel it the next day and it’s totally worth it. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a TA fan.

tracy anderson

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What kind of exercise makes your flesh feel good? Go ahead, comment below!

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