Simple Is Beautiful

I love products. I wish I could afford everything I go crazy about in Sephora, at the cosmetics counter, inside Ulta, at various discount retailers… well, you get the idea. Recently, I’ve become a little too obsessed purchasing various products. Why? I’m on a mission to make myself feel better. Yes this sounds silly and a little crazy, but when I’m down, a little trip to the beauty department gives me an endorphin rush. I love the excitement of unwrapping and opening new products, swatching colors on my hand, playing with the various formulas and textures…that is until I open my bin to put my new goodies away and I see all the other products, barely touched, that I already own and have hardly used. My happy mood quickly sours as I see the multitude of products I already own, the similarities to the new products just purchased and I become disgusted with myself. One might even call me a hoarder! It’s true though, as I attach ridiculous sentimental value to many of the products, remembering when I purchased and how it made me feel or the feeling of owning, let’s say, that fabulous Chanel eye shadow quad. Ridiculous, but I. Can’t. Stop.

Soooooooo many products, I seriously doubt I could go through every pan shadow before I die – then what would be the point of having it all? Bury it with me? I don’t think I can take it with me!

I finally have come to the realization that I really do not need or should not want anymore shadows, blushes, liners, etc, because:
1. I already have enough (or do I?)
2. I continue to purchase the same colors I already own (who doesn’t?)
3. Deciding each day which colors to use is eating up my time to actually wear the products!
4. Too often I end up going a little overboard because I want to be able to use every product I own!
5. I need to devote the time I’d spend shopping and use that towards something else that makes me feel good (like taking a walk with the dogs or more wrestling time with the Kid or a date night with the Husband).

As much as I love having the choice of all the colors, it sometimes just becomes overwhelming. No wonder it takes me so long to get ready before work each day. I used to think the women who told me they wanted to wait to purchase a certain gloss, lipstick, or eye shadow, because they wanted to finish what they already owned were just crazy! Now I know they had most likely already came to the same realization that more is not always better.

So, I am challenging myself to a few things, being:
1. Stop buying items I do not need (shadows, lipsticks, liners, etc) – however, only purchase the items that I run out of – foundation, mascara or skincare. I think that would be all I may need to replenish…wait! Cleansing conditioner! I run out of that about every month, so I definatley need to purchase when I am empty. Moving on…
2. Reorganize my products so that I have fewer choices each morning (see my pics below of what I currently have choices of to what I have narrowed it down) and hopefully shave my morning routine as well as actually use what I own
3. When I feel the need to make a purchase, I will go into my current stash to switch things up instead of spending money on products I do not need (unless of course I am given products, totally different!)

I know this is going to be a challenge, especially when my inbox each morning is inundated with various emails from brands marketing all the new products coming out this season or sales brands are having, or my weakness, super duper sales on beauty products I often find out from the blog Nouveau Cheap (great blog sharing affordable products as well as deals on higher end brands) or sites like Hautelook that have limited, you better get it now or you can’t later, kind of sales (yes, I’m a sucker!); but as many know me, I am always up for a challenge. This one just happens to be especially hard for this beauty junkie.

Are you a less is more kind of gal or do you want it all? How do you handle your itch for beauty products when you know you shouldn’t?


Full cosmetics case, plastic bin, basket and cosmetics bag all full of products and tools…this is ridiculous!


Reorganized each, all shadows are in the cosmetics case, tools are in the basket and blush is in the bin…all being stored in closet for future use.










This is my new daily go to…no more crazy choices! For a bit of a color selection, I’m using the L’Oreal palette for options…finally these products will get some use! And I’ll save my time and sanity!










We do not work for any of the companies listed, nor did we receive payment for this post.

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