What Your Esthetician REALLY Thinks of You…


We love our estheticians.  They keep our skin clear and glowing.  They help our skin fight aging.  They keep our brows in check even when we can’t.  They are always so sweet and understanding, never judgmental.  Or are they?  DUN, DUN, DUN!

Knowing the things I think about clients when I’m doing their make-up, I knew that our beloved estheticians just HAD to think similar thoughts.  So, I asked some to share with me those deep, dark secrets of what they REALLY want to tell us, but know that they’d lose you as a client if they actually did.  Hehehe.  Due to the nature of this article, my sources wished to remain nameless, but use this information to become the client that your esthetician RAVES about, rather than rolls her eyes at!


1.  Please, please, please, for Pete’s sake, do NOT just say “my skin is sensitive”. It’s like asking your husband what he wants for dinner, and his response is ‘food’. To an esti, it’s an incomplete thought as ‘sensitive skin’ is an umbrella term. Are you sensitive to heat? Pressure? Certain ingredients? Being more specific with your skin greatly helps your esti. Rather than play 20 questions to pinpoint your skin’s woes, she’ll have more time to work on you with a better understanding of your needs!

2. When a clients says “ugh, I don’t want anything with chemicals…” the snarky part of my brain says “water is a chemical…your body is made of chemicals…” Now, I do understand wanting to be aware of what goes on your skin and looking for healthy alternatives. Please realize that natural/organic products may not be the answer, especially for reactive skin types. Products with raw ingredients cannot penetrate the skin the same, as the molecule is large and unrefined. Organic ingredients are also highly unstable and can grow nasty things. So what’s a girl to do? Research! Many companies are producing lines that cater to both worlds. They’re holistic, but still have a scientific background. Sweet! See lines like Sanitas.

3. It drives me nuts when people go on Pinterest for skin care. PINTEREST IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL AND DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL. Once I had a client tell me she saw on Pinterest to use a regimen of sliced oranges as an exfoliant and coconut oil as a moisturizer. She couldn’t figure out why her skin was so dry and breakouts were getting worse. It took time to convince her (off the record, it was one of the most painful conversations ever, it’s all natural blah blah blah). Raw oranges are an unstable form of enzymes and vitamin c, and coconut oil isn’t a great moisturizer by itself. Yes it gives oil, but it doesn’t give enough water. I digress, please don’t use Pinterest for your skincare. Unless you know the source is a licensed professional, it could be anybody! Remember the video of the girl trying to do a hair tutorial, and she burned her hair off? I rest my case.

4. If you have chin hairs, just wax them. Ladies, don’t shave your face. It just goes downhill from there.

5. I secretly forbid my clients from holding my hand mirror or any kind of mirror while I’m working on them, and especially after. They just stare at themselves or start nitpicking other things while I’m trying to wax an eyebrow. I used to have a client that would make a duck face everytime she looked in a mirror. I wish I made that up.

6. Love your esti. She’s a person, not your brow bitch. If she does a good job, please don’t go somewhere cheap for “in between” appointments. It ruins our hard work and your brows/skin. Rebook your appointments with her and respect her time, and she’ll do the same!

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