I’m Getting Naked!!!!

Well, I am another year older today.  38.  Yup, I said the number.  The number has never bothered me.  In fact, I’ve spent most of my life wanting to be older.  Most of my friends have always been much older than me and I will admit that it drove me absolutely bonkers to continuously hear, “But you’re so young…” as an excuse for anything that I tried to relate to them with.

Specifically so with beauty.     So I’m going to get naked for you…on my face that is.  Lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, grey hair, etc.  Yes I have them despite what my friends a decade older than me say.  And I still remember those major “a-ha” beauty moments that did indeed confirm that I was getting older.

The first was when I was in my early 30s.  Always a lover of cosmetics, I consistently played up my eyes…smoky, colorful, heavily contoured.  I did it all and loved it.  But it seemed like overnight I couldn’t quite pull it off like I used to, primarily because my eye crease wasn’t where it used to be.  Just as the geese fly south for the winter, my eye lids sagged south, but unlike the geese, they were south to stay.  Like a little old retired lady in a sequined track suit and orange fake tan in Florida, once she goes south, she don’t come back.  I used to put on my eye shadow by raising my eyebrows to showcase my crease, would brush on some color and be on my merry way.  Now, I have to put my eye shadow contour on the skin above my crease in order to make my eyes have that nice contoured balance.  Otherwise the color and definition get lost in the little fold of skin above my lashes.  It’s like I’ve got bat wings for eyelids.


Look! I’m Batman!

The second was about 4 years ago.  Growing up and into my 20s, I NEVER wore lipstick or even a dark lipgloss.  I had horrible teeth (which braces could not fix) and did not want to accentuate them in even the slightest bit (perhaps that’s why I embraced eye shadow so much!).  In my late 20s, I had them fixed, but my only option was dentures (runs in my family, my dad got his when he was only 19).  While I absolutely love my new smile as well as the HUGE boost in self-confidence it’s given me, the change in my jaw shape because of the procedure in addition to the loss of bone structure in my jaw has made my lips not as full as they used to be as well as give them pre-mature lining, loss of definition and loss of color.  So while I did get a few good years of wearing red lipstick, it’s harder and harder for me now to wear it.  I have to be really careful about the texture and I definitely have to wear a liner.  I also have to make sure that my agenda is such that I can consistently check to make sure my lip color has not melted and spread like an ice cream cone in August.  It’s no wonder I usually only wear a bright color for about an hour or two before I wipe it off and slick on some lip balm.

I’ve recently (in the past 6 months) decided to let my hair color go au naturel.  I started going grey in my early 20s and coloring as well as heat styling was killing my locks.  I had tried tape-in extensions, but even those seemed to make my own hair worse.  So, I gave up color cold turkey.  It is SOOOOOO hard to not go to Target and pick up a box of dye on those days when I just can’t take it anymore.  But as my roots grow longer and longer, I’m more and more excited about the mix of colors that’s appearing.  While I still have about a year to go to get all my silver  (as my dad calls his) hair grown in, I’m really looking forward to it.  Right now though, when I pull my hair up into a messy pony or top knot, I have these really cool silver streaks leading up to my pony.

More recently, in fact as recent at 2 days ago, I had another aging beauty moment.  I have started contouring my turkey neck.  Ok, so it’s not a full grown turkey, it’s more like a poult (a baby turkey, I had to google it).  🙂  But…I KNOW!!!!  It’s so sad to admit!  I don’t have a huge one.  But I’m super slender to begin with and I was starting to see the little flappy-flappy skin, so as I was contouring my cheeks and nose, I thought…hmmm…I wonder…a swipy, swipy of my contour stick followed by a bit of blending and VOILA!  Turkey neck gone!  Or rather my baby poult neck (you’re welcome all you Words with Friends players for the new word!).


Gobble, gobble and lined lips!

But even with beauty aging milestones, I am more happy with my face now than I was in my 20s.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve learned how to apply make-up properly to emphasize my features.  I know how to select the proper colors and shades.  And I actually like the little lines around my eyes.  I only have them because of all of the smiles I’ve had in my life.  (My lip lines we won’t discuss though.)  🙂

What have your beauty aging milestones been?  Were they good for you?  Were they bad?  Were they “a-ha” moments?  Or did they gradually come to your consciousness?  What part of your aging do you despise and which ones to you wear as medals of honor and accomplishment?

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