The Real Housewives Saved My Appearance


Hello, my name is Jeanette and I love The Real Housewives.  The OC, Beverly Hills and NYC are my housewives of choice.  I don’t watch them on a regular basis, but occasionally, when warranted, I will sit in front of the tv and watch a season On Demand.  Yes, I will.  Tis a sad, sad thing to admit, but I do.

But the housewives actually help me beauty wise.  I know, you’re thinking, “WHAT?!?”  The ladies that wear fake lashes to the gym, throw wine glasses at people if they get their hair wet.  Yes, they help my beauty routine.

But before you “unfollow” our website, let me explain myself first.  Watching these ladies actually motivates me to glamourize myself.  Usually I start a marathon because I’ve been busy and stressed, I’m exhausted, lazy.  I’m wearing stained and holy sweats, matted hair in a not-even-cute messy top knot.  I’m usually sporting whatever makeup I had on from the day before because that’s how I roll when I get into one of these moods.  That’s how it starts.  But after a couple episodes of seeing these ladies with their crazy lives, all of their drama, yet they still find time to do their hair, have a full face on.  If they can do it, why the hell can’t I?  So, I typically watch a few episodes and then put on a cute outfit, watch a few more, do my hair, watch another, do my makeup.  For some weird reason, watching them makes me want to look better in my appearance.

Today was no different.  I gave myself the cutest pedicure with Essie Eternal Optimist recommended by Jessie’s Budget Beauty (thanks Jessie!).  And as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to give myself a matching mani.

What television shows or movies get you motivated to take care of yourself?


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2 thoughts on “The Real Housewives Saved My Appearance

  1. jessiesbudgetbeauty says:

    Love the toenails!! Thank you so much for the shout out – I’m glad I could give you some polish inspiration!! Xx


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