Face Off

The other day I came home from work, said hello to the husband and kiddo and then went to put my comfy clothes on and then go wash my face. When I went to turn on the water, nothing. I asked the husband what was going on and he informed me about some work crew down the street. How long would the water be off? How am I going to wash my face? Water bottles can get a little too wet. I have face wipes…but I want to wash my face. So then I realized I had a couple different cleansing wipes, one package I picked up at Nordstrom Rack (Stila ready to take off moisturizing face wipes) and another travel package (yes to cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial wipes) that I received in my recent Birchbox subscription. What a perfect opportunity for a face off between department store and drug store.

All I had to do was wipe each side of my face, one wipe for each side, figure out which wipe removed more, and there would be my winner. Well, I grabbed a Stila wipe and cleansed one side of my face. The Stila wipe has a light fresh and clean fragrance that doesn’t linger long. I was able to wipe around my eyes with out any scratching, stinging or burning. While my mascara needed water to remove it (lash tubes) the cloth was nice and soft which helped  to remove the other parts of my eye makeup very easily, with out the need of hard rubbing.

The Yes To Cucumbers facial wipes have a light cucumber and aloe fragrance (they’re actually called cucumber and aloe) which also did not linger. The wipes were also soft, in fact just as soft as the Stila wipes. My makeup easily was removed with the cucumber wipe and they also did not scratch or burn my eyes. The two brands of wipes are so similar in fact, that it was tough to decipher between the two, however, I did notice the Yes to Cucumber wipes had much more moisture than the Stila wipes. Unfortunately, after the wipes sit out, they both quickly lose the moisture they have. It is important that either wipe is closed tightly and immediately to avoid any wipe dry out.

This face off was a tough match. In fact, both wipes had such strong performance, that when I set them down, I forgot which was which. Since both wipes looked and felt the same, I couldn’t figure which was which. Since both wipes don’t have a fragrance that lingers, my nose couldn’t do figure it out either. What I did notice was that both cleansing wipes had a lot of makeup and grime all over. It looked as though each wipe did their job and did it well. While I don’t recall which wipe did what, I do know that when I run out, I’ll have options.

Photo of either Stila or Yes to Cucumber wipe

Photo of either Stila or Yes to Cucumber wipe

Photo of either Stila or Yes to Cucumber wipe

Photo of either Stila or Yes to Cucumber wipe








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