Ewww, Weird, Gross…Awesome.

The other night while washing my face, I scared the crap out of the Husband. No, it wasn’t because my makeup was off, it was the makeup pieces that were still on my face. Pieces of mascara tubes were still all over my face as he caught me in the middle of my nightly routine. He had the funniest expression, perplexed yet grossed out at the same time. Which made me think of other weird beauty rituals we ladies (and a few men) will do in the name of beauty.

Currently, the only mascara that won’t transfer to my lids or leave a flaky mess around my eyes mid day is the L’Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara.

I really do like it, however, every other purchase I’ll try another brand/formula and see if it might be any better. Time and time again, I return to this mascara as it never lets me down (then why do I bother trying another?…I don’t know, I assume there will be something better I suppose) I do enjoy the long and full lash look I get when I wear this mascara (that’s the awesome part). It doesn’t transfer to my deep set eye lids (which can be hard not to do when you have deeper set eyes) and it doesn’t flake throughout the day or cause me to have raccoon eyes mid day either. It does it’s job and it does it well. However, I do have a couple cons when it comes to this mascara. The first is that there is a lash primer on one end which I do like, I just don’t like that it minimizes the blackness of the finished look. The second and other part that is not my favorite is the tubing…I know its part of the gimmick of the mascara, but I scare people, I scare myself as I look in the sink and it looks like my lashes are being washed down the drain. If I were to go swimming, there’d be little lash tubes floating all over…gross. I could do the waterproof formula, but in general I’m not a fan of waterproof mascaras (I find they flake, difficult to remove and end up drying my lashes and ultimately cause breakage or lash fall out). Anyway, every night, I relive the same weird and gross experience (all in the name of lush full lashes), which you can see in the photos I’ve included.


Eww selfie


Gross! Mascara Tubes post face wash.


Another gross beauty ritual of mine is all about the pores. I hate that I have larger pores on my nose which makes the only place on my face that really gets ‘oily’. Every other area on my face is pretty normal, maybe even a little dry sometimes. Now, I know I’d rather have oily skin than dry skin, but I just wish I didn’t have those large pores that will always end up getting full of sebum and turning into black heads (yuck!). So, if I start seeing some black dots on the nose, I know its time for some action! Specifically I am a fan of Biore’s Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips. I understand that sometimes these things can do more harm, especially if you are not careful taking them off. There are warnings on not using this product if you have or prone to spider veins, sensitive skin, using acne products, etc. Also, you have to wait at least 3 days before you strip again. I’ve also heard through the beauty industry that these strips can actually make your pores bigger which then breeds more oil and more visible black heads leading to the viscous cycle of always needing to strip. Well, I take that risk, as the end



result (which I’m not going to show you that picture, because, well, it’s just TMI, and yuck, ick gross to see someone else’s Biore Pore Strip) is awesome! No more black heads, my skin is smooth and ready to face the day ahead!


These are a couple of some gross beauty rituals I do. What are some of your ‘Ewww, Weird, Gross…Awesome’ beauty rituals you do?


We do not work for any of the companies listed nor did we receive any compensation for this post.

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