Throwback Thursday to the 80s!


So, let me prefice this article by stating that I am the PTA president for my kids’ elementary school and we are having an afterschool dance with a band playing 80s music and there’s a costume contest.  That will explain my get-up as this photo is not retro from the 80s.  This is me today in all my glory.  I went to the gas station like this.  I picked up lunch like this.  Yup, I rocked it!

It had me thinking about all the great beauty from the 80s (yes, there were some!).   How many of these did you have (or still have)?


Photo from

The iconic Caboodles!  I always wanted one but was too young to have one.  However I do now own this particular model.  My mom owned one and gave it to me.  It currently houses all of my sewing notions.


Photo from

Kissing Koolers by Maybelline!  These were the bomb!  I loved the shape of the packaging, the marbled effect of the product itself.  Iconic.


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Who didn’t use Sun-In in the 80s!!!  I tried and tried, but with dark brown hair, all I ever accomplished was brassiness.  You do get bonus points though if you used to douse your hair in it and then go sit outside in the sun thinking it would help it work faster!


Photo from

Who remember Exclamation perfume!!!  I remember how cool their ads were and how I always wanted to be just like the woman in the ad.  So chic, so sophisticated.


Photo from

How about the Buf-Puf!!!  I still get people coming into the stores that I work at and ask for the Buf-Puf.  I used to use it all the time (like an 8-year old really needs to exfoliate on a regular basis).  It made me feel so grown up though!


Photo from

Home perms anyone???  I had my very first one in 1987.  I always had super stick straight hair until my first perm.  Then my hair was pretty much permed regularly until the mid 90s.  And ever since then, my hair naturally grows out of my head curly and frizzy.  I swear it’s because of all those years of perms.


Photo from

And last but not least…Love’s Baby Soft.  This is the gateway perfume to Chanel No. 5.  The baby powder freshness of it summed up the aroma of the 80s.

What were your favorite beauty products from the 80s?


We do not work for any of the companies listed and we did not get compensated in any way for this article.

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