Everyone always hails the coming of spring.  Curse the groundhog if in February he declares weeks upon weeks of more winter.  The vernal equinox brings upon it beautiful spring dresses (and subsequently leg-shaving season) as well as glorious espadrilles (and pedicure season).  In beauty, spring usually brings a softness of colors, rosy cheeks, the emergence of bronzer, or if you’re in my shoes, runny mascara and a rudolph red nose.  I’m talking about seasonal allergies.

Here in San Diego we are having one of the worst allergy seasons in decades.  And if you are anywhere else in the country, if you are not already dealing with springtime allergies, they will soon be headed your way.  It’s hard being a beauty junkie and dealing with allergies.  Your eyes itch and water making eye make-up impossible.  You are constantly sneezing and blowing your nose leaving the center part of your face red and sore, plus have you ever tried to wear red lipstick while dealing with allergies?  It’s virtually impossible to blow your nose and not mess up your lipstick.

So, what’s a girl to do?  I can’t hide out all season.  I’ve been able to find some relief.  Now, none of these remedies have gone through clinical studies or anything.  These are just things that I have found that help me out in my time of need and if you have any tips that help you, PLEASE share!!!

For starters, in the spring time I avoid putting any anti-aging skincare on or around my nose area.  That area is going to be tender anyway and putting some of those harsh ingredients on it can burn like crazy and make you say more than a few choice words.  Here’s where you need to get something for sensitive skin.  Preferably something with aloe in it.  I like to use the Boots Experts Sensitive Hydrating Serum from Target.  With aloe and mineral water, it cools, soothes and moisturizes my poor schnoz without burning or irritation.

For covering up the redness, I like to use a cream foundation.  They tend to be a bit more soothing than liquids and won’t dry out your skin like a powder.  They also tend to provide more coverage.  I like using the W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist foundation stick because it also has aloe in it in addition to chamomile to sooth skin.  It’s also VERY easy to readjust your makeup if you smear it a bit while blowing your nose.

For eyes, you have two options…go with waterproof mascara (which I hate) or play up your lips and go without eye make-up.  But wait, didn’t you just say earlier that lipstick is impossible with allergies and blowing your nose constantly?  I did, but with all of the great stains out there, stain your lips a fun spring time color and then just put balm on your lips the rest of the day.

I also suffer severely from sinus pressure due to allergies.  One thing that helps me out is to put my eye cream/gel that is used for puffiness all up and over my sinus cavities (externally that is).  Eye treatments designed to treat puffiness typically contain ingredients to increase blood flow in the area where applied.  Increased blood flow allows things to start moving in the area you put it.  I assume it does the same thing near the sinuses.  I don’t have proof that this works, but for me personally, I do seem to feel some relief when I do this, especially if I put my cream/gel in the fridge first.

What do you do with your beauty routine when allergies strike you?


While I do work for W3LL PEOPLE, I did not receive any sort of extra compensation for this article.  I just really, really love the product.  The other companies listed we do not work for nor did we receive any sort of compensation.

Photo from luxuo.com

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