Time For A Cocktail

cocktailsIt was a looong week and I haven’t been getting enough sleep (which is one of my favorite ‘me time’ things to do…I love naps!) and I’ve been looking a little dumpy, tired, with dull looking skin and overall just not the best version of myself. This is when I either buy a new product in hopes of an instant miracle or mix one or two products together for a quick mini skin treatment, a beauty cocktail of sorts.

Stylists do it, estheticians do it, and I do it…and by “it” I am referring to “cocktailing” your products for a faster yet still effective way to use your products. It can also save the amount of product you use overall, thus saving you money down the road.

So, back to my skin. It’s stressed out and needs to calm down. But what is my skin in the mood for? It definitely needs a beauty cocktail! Well, I know that I need some moisture yet I’m also getting a little breakout and besides my Clarisonic, I haven’t exfoliated in I don’t know how long it’s been. So, that means I’m also going to need to exfoliate. In my arsenal I keep on hand is my favorite instant gratification exfoliator, Boots No7 Total Renewal Microdermabrasion Exfoliator. Love it! This is a super fine, intense exfoliator that really brightens your skin the first time you use it. My skin always feels amazing and baby smooth immediately after using it.

I remember an esthetician I used to know and how she taught me that oil fights oil, meaning, in order to get rid of oily skin, she told me to use an oil. The logic is that the skin receives oil from application so it does not need to produce it’s own oil for moisture. In the end, your skin produces less oil so you become less oily over time. So, I wanted to combat the oiliness I was getting in my t-zone and thought of my recent purchase of the Wholly Hemp Moisturizing Cream Tea Tree Oil. Perfect! Not only will I be getting oil to combat that t- zone oiliness, it’s also Hemp Oil, which I previously learned naturally thins out sebum in the skin, making pores less noticeable. And of course tea tree oil is known to be a natural remedy for acne. Even better.

I decided to do equal parts of No7 Microdermabrasion and my Wholly Hemp Oil with Tea Tree Moisturizer (this is like a butter consistency) then massaged on my face for about 60 seconds, allowing the microdermabrasion to really push the hemp moisturizer with tea tree into the skin. Then I rinsed my face with look warm water. I was left with super smooth skin, moisturized and so glowy. But, more importantly, I looked…awake. Yay! It worked!

The morale to this post is, you do not need to spend a bunch of money on a new product. You may already have two or three products you too can cocktail together for a quick yet effective skin treatment. Below are some of my favorite beauty cocktails. Do you beauty cocktail?

Clay Mask with Foaming Cleanser (detoxifying cleanser)
Clay Mask with Exfoliator (detoxifying exfoliation)
Shampoo and Hair Serum (gentle shampoo, less hair fallout)
Foundation and Moisturizer (personalized BB or CC cream)
Liquid Highlighter and Foundation (sheer foundation with dewy finish)
Liquid Highlighter and Moisturizer (clear BB cream)




We do not work for any of the companies listed in the post nor did we receive any compensation.

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