Dare Accepted…

truth or dare


So, it was exactly one week ago when Jeanette decided to throw a wild card at me for our beauty Truth or Dare,  truth being I admit to my bad makeup habits (I don’t have any, wink, wink) or take Dare and have my husband do my makeup. How bad could this be?…said the idiot wife.

After several reminders that we needed to pick a day that he could do my makeup, it wasn’t until one week later that our schedules connected and well, that day was earlier today.

After putting down the kid for a nap, I grabbed the makeup and the tools and set up near a big window. The Husband was immediately confused with seating arrangements. He had me sit on the sofa. “So, where do I start?” he asked. I informed him that it was up to him, I just pointed out the products and their use. He applied my foundation with a sponge, followed with powder, and even did blush and bronzer. When it came to eyeshadow application, well, there were some interesting choices.  He did ask application techniques, which I would describe to him but not show him how. (Side note: Do you remember that episode of Friends, where Rachael hurt her dominant arm and she had some event or something to attend but she couldn’t do her makeup, and all of a sudden Ross comes in and ends up attempting to apply Rachel’s makeup? Yeah it was kind of like that.)Oh, and the other part of the dare was that he choose all colors as well and he did.

So, overall, while it took about 30 minutes longer than my normal routine (15-20 minutes) it wasn’t half bad…more like half good. With a few private lessons, I bet he could go pro.

Take a look at some photos of during, after and then my own makeup application. But what do you think? Go ahead and comment below!



Husband applying my makeup (selfie shot)


Husband’s finished work! (another selfie)


One of my usual looks (selfie)


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