Chanel No. 25

I’ve been reminiscing recently…mainly because the birthday is getting closer, oh a little too fast! I’ve been thinking about some of my first jobs in the beauty industry, specifically my first job in the industry. I was working at a Clinique counter and loved every day of it! I especially enjoyed meeting all the other Beauty Advisors in the department but even more so, learning various application techniques from extremely talented artists. One of the most talented artists I met was at the Lancôme counter. She seemed to always have a client in her chair and always have a very large sale afterwards. She had the talent and passion that infected me. I would watch her as she would apply makeup on the clients face and she would always be so sweet and explain everything she did to achieve the look.Chanelbrush

She showed me a lot of various tips and tricks and techniques as well. She also introduced me to the ultimate eye shadow brush that I use every single day and have kept for over 12 years! The ultimate eye shadow brush, the brush that can effortlessly pat on the base color, the brush that can be used in the crease, the brush that can be used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes as well as the brow bone, oh the brush that can do almost everything! The brush is the Chanel #25 brush, ‘Grand Pinceau Paupieres Doucer, Large Eyeshadow Brush’ is by far my most favorite brush in the world. Even with my employee discount, the brush was expensive for me…but of course, who cares when you are still living at home with your parents?

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the brush has been utilized so many times, practically every single day, for over 12 years, this was an investment I will never regret. In fact it makes me happy every time I use it. I know part of that comes from the beauty that is Chanel, the name, but the quality and various uses for the brush make the money I spent at the time totally worth it. The brush has never shed and has kept it’s shape all these years. I maintain it the same as I do with any other brush whether from E.L.F, Crown Brush or MAC. It is also the only brush that I will never, ever, ever toss or give away. If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one brush to apply my makeup, I’d take the Chanel #25 brush with me.

If you haven’t yet tried the Chanel #25 brush or you are looking for a multi purpose brush, this is a must for your collection!


We do not work for any of the companies listed nor did we receive any payment for this post.

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