Truth or Dare Time!!!


Alrighty then!  It’s Truth or Dare time!!!  Last week, Heidi dared me to wear a different color lipstick every day for a week which for a lip balm girl is HARD!!!  If you want to see how I did, head on over to our Instagram or Facebook site to the see the pics.  And…after much thinking, I’ve come up with a great one for her.  So, here you go, Heidi…Truth?  or Dare?



We all have bad beauty habits.  Overplucking our brows.  Going to bed without washing our makeup off and then wearing said day old make-up the next day.  Picking at your blemishes.  Licking a q-tip to clean up mascara under your eyes instead of grabbing the bottle of eye make-up remover.  We all have at least one beauty faux pas that we commit on a regular basis EVEN THOUGH we know better.  So….what’s your bad beauty habit that you commit on a regular basis???



I dare you to have your husband do your make-up for you and post a picture.  You don’t have to actually go anywhere in it, but he has to choose the colors, choose the tools and put it on you.  Hehehe.


Ball is in your court Heidi!  What are you going to choose????  And to our readers…please play along as well!!!  Post your results in the comments!

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