Fragrant FLESH


Ahh, Daylight Savings time! One of my favorite times of year as the days stay lighter for longer and warmer days are surely ahead! It also marks the time to switch up my fragrance. You see, I’m a big believer in changing your fragrance seasonally as something that is, let’s say, rich and musky, is really more suitable for cold winter days while something, let’s say, fresh and citrusy is much more suited for Spring/Summer. Of course, every fragrance is different and lots of testing is in order to find out which fragrances are going to be best suited for your particular body chemistry. However, going to the department store can not only be overwhelming when it comes to the various scents, but you can become nose blind after sniffing a few fragrances, and then you’re more lost than you were before in selecting your perfect fragrance.

One of my favorite places to go when shopping for a new fragrance is at Jo Malone. I first discovered Jo Malone when my very bestie was getting married and she wanted to get a new fragrance for her big day. Well, we were inside of Nordstrom and approached the Jo Malone counter and started sniffing and spritzing those little cardboard sticks. Shortly thereafter we were greeted by a lovely sales associate who asked some questions to help my friend find a fragrance. I must say, she provided us with some very helpful tips in selecting a fragrance, which included the following:

– Sniff coffee beans between fragrances, as this will clear your scent palette and allow you to decipher between scents. A good fragrance department or store will already have these provided. If not, maybe bring that Starbucks into the store with you.
– Avoid testing the fragrance on a spot that your nose can’t avoid (the reason for this is if you test a fragrance that you do not love, you’re then stuck with that smell until you bathe next) A good spot is the inside of your elbow.
– Use those cardboard strips to initially test! (same reason as above!) You want to like the smell before spritzing on yourself!
– Never, ever, ever rub your wrists together to spread the scent. That destroys the molecules that make up the scent and can destroy the end result. Spray or dab each location separately.
– Get samples! You want to be able to test the fragrance all day long for a couple of days (again, it’s all about body chemistry here…it may change if you are working out and ultimately change the fragrance and you may not like it after all)
– Avoid fragrance fads…meaning, just because a celebrity says they wear a fragrance, or just because a fragrance is featured in a magazine as the latest and greatest, doesn’t mean it is going to be the latest and greatest for you.
– Don’t be afraid to mix fragrances…this will help you create your own personal fragrance

So, my friend and I each took home about 3-4 samples of perfume that day. The Jo Malone sales associate was so sweet and gave us zero grief when it came to the sampling portion. In fact, she told us she will often provide a sample of the same fragrance a client will purchase, just in case! (How awful to purchase a fragrance you think smells good on you in store only to find out on day 2 of wearing it that it doesn’t mesh well with you after all.) Prior to sampling, she did ask us some questions and provided us with samples that she thought we would like. After playing with the samples I ended up returning to the Jo Malone counter and purchased one of the fragrances I sampled and to this day it is now my go to Summer fragrance. Of course, there was the day that I needed to replenish my fragrance and it wasn’t quite Spring but Winter seemed like it was already over with the various heat waves going through Southern California…anyway, I was stuck between my go to fragrances. Was it too early to purchase my go to Spring/Summer fragrance? Or do I stick with my go to Winter fragrance? The Jo Malone sales associate could see my dilemma as I walked back and forth spritzing those little cardboard sticks…sniffing one and then the other… she approached me and I asked her which one I should choose given the season. She then suggested I purchase them both. Now, you’re probably thinking that she just wanted a bigger commission, but the second fragrance was not Jo Malone. She told me that if I loved them both I could mix them and wear them together until I was ready for my Jo Malone fragrance alone. And so I did…and so it was the best fragrance decision of my life! I received more compliments on my mixed fragrance than I ever had with anything. I finally found my personal scent. To this day, I stick with one of two fragrances or mix them. Rarely do I venture out with something new, because, well, I truly have my perfect scent!

Would you like to know what it is? I’m sure you would but that is my little scent secret! I invite you to experience the fabulousness that is the Jo Malone experience. Trust me you will not be disappointed, but delightfully surprised!


We do not work for any of the companies listed above nor did we receive any compensation for this post.



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