Bad Hair Days No More-Part Deux

So, my partner-in-beauty-crime, Heidi, wrote an article about using a cleansing conditioner and how much it’s changed her hair and of course I had to try it!!!  At first it felt weird.  Like my hair was coated and goopy.  I did some research and found out that a beauty junkie like me typically has a huge amount of silicone build-up on your hair.  The build up was why my hair took so long to dry, why it no longer looked shiny, why it seemed like no matter how many deep conditioning treatments I used, it just didn’t seem to be getting healthier.  Turns out the silicone had coated my hair so much, that nothing else could penetrate it and I was using even more silicone products and heat styling to do my hair to compensate.  It was a disgusting and vicious cycle.

Fortunately though, getting rid of silicone build up is as simple as going into your kitchen and getting out the box of baking soda and the bottle of apple cider vinegar.  Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with your regular foamy shampoo and wash your hair with that.  The lather will feel totally weird.  Mine felt super silky and thick.  I massaged it all over my hair and scalp and then left it on while I shaved my legs before rinsing it out.  Then I used a half apple cider vinegar/half water to rinse my hair.  Smelly yes, did the smell last?  Nope.

When I was done, my hair did feel completely different.  Usually when I washed and conditioned my hair in the shower, my hair felt smooth, slick, slippery almost, which I always equated having hair like those in the television commercials.  But then it would be a bear to style.  After this treatment, my hair did not feel at all slick, smooth, silky.  It was weird.  But here’s what happened once I got out of the shower…  my hair drying time was cut in half!!!  No lie!!!  And after drying my hair, it had more volume than usual, more shine than usual and I needed to use my flat iron less to get rid of the frizzies.

That right there sent me looking at styling products that did not have silicones in them.  But you would be amazed by how many products have silicones of some sort in them!!!  Basically, anything that ends in -cone is a silicone (dimethicone for example).  All of my conditioners had it in there, all of my shiny hair products had it in there.  All of my anti-frizz serums had it in there.  Even my cleansing conditioner had it in there, but because it was near the end of the ingredient list, I’ve opted to keep using it cuz I love it.  🙂

Here’s two products that I found and use on a daily basis that do not have silicones in them:


The conditioning spray has all sorts of great natural oils in it without any silicones and it also helps with heat styling protection.

The hair oil also has great oils in it and it imparts an AMAZING shine to my hair without using silicones.  HOWEVER, THIS STUFF IS POTENT!!!  The first time I used it, I put in my hand the amount I would normally use on my hair serum and I looked like a greaser from the 1950s.  Once I’m done drying and flat-ironing my hair, I put ONE drop in my hand, rub my hands together and then run my hands over the top of my hair to smooth fly-aways and smooth my ends.  ONE DROP SERIOUSLY!

What hair products have you found and love that don’t have silicones in them?


Photos from Alba’s website and Weleda’s website respectively.  We do not work for any companies mentioned in this article.  We did not receive any sort of compensation for this article.


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