Truth Or Dare…FLESH Beauty Edition

kiss markWhile conducting some research on various beauty products, (because we would love to create our own line of fabulous products in the near future), I was reading about lipsticks and read that 80% of North American women use lipstick regularly and 30% have 20 lipsticks in possession at any one time. Well it’s good to know I’m not the only one…in fact I’m about average?!? And then I took a good look at my lipstick collection. I guess you can count me as 3 or 4 women in that statistic!

Which brings me to a fun little beauty game, our new weekly edition of Truth or Dare…FLESH Beauty edition. This weeks Beauty Truth or Dare…

Beauty Truth – List every lipstick you own and the last time you wore it (Are you part of the 30%?)
Beauty Dare – Rock a lipstick look every day for a week and post on Instagram #LipstickFLESHbeautydare starting today (3/5/15) Don’t forget to include what lipstick you are rockin’ that day!

My FLESH Beauty other half Jeanette will choose either the Beauty Truth or Beauty Dare. Which ever she does not choose I will have to do! However, we invite you to join our game of Truth or Dare….FLESH Beauty edition and hope you will either post that Dare on Instagram or give us your Beauty Truth in the comments below!

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