Help Me! I’ve Been Slimed!!!

Hello, my name is Jeanette and I am a beauty junkie.  How much so, do you ask?  I used snail slime as a beauty product today.  Yup.  That slimy goo from when those gross little boogers slither around…yeah, it was on my face.

That’s not me above.  It’s a google search pic.  🙂

So, apparently, snail slime, or rather snail secretions if we are going to get all technical here, is the newest beauty fad to come over from where else, but Korea where it has been trending for the last 5-7 years.  Apparently, and studies have been done on it, snail trail produces a secretion rich in proteins, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidents.  The “secretion” is said to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin as well as repair the signs of photoaging.  It is also supposed to minimize damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

The Ancient Greeks were the first to start using snail trail in their beauty regimes but it wasn’t until it was discovered again by Chilean farmers that the science behind it started happening (story goes, the farmers noticed that their hands were softer after touching snail secretions, so the beauty scientists went to town).

So, how did I get introduced to this gooey new beauty secret?  I was in line at Forever 21 buying some cute accessories.  The line was long, I was bored.  And in those impulse buy bins by the check out was this beauty…


I had to get it.  I mean, come on!  It was first and foremost touted as an anti-aging treatment.  And second, it had SNAIL in great big letters on the front.  Beside, it was only $1.90.

First, you washed and toned your face, and patted it dry.  The top part of the package you tear off and it’s this gooey serum that you put all over your face.  Don’t be fooled though, that’s not the part with the snail slime in it.  The serum had stuff in it like glycerin for hydrating, sodium hyaluronate, soluble collagen and adenosine which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Once the serum was on, you opened the bottom portion of the packet and it was this creepy white mask which was soaking wet that you put on your face (over the serum) for 20 minutes.  Fortunately no one was home while I did this part.  And of course, when you look like this, you have to make creepy eyes.  It’s required.  🙂


This was the part that had snail trail in it. In fact, the third ingredient on the list was “snail secretion filtrate”.  The mask was cold, clammy, drippy.  When I took it off 20 minutes later, my skin felt cold, clammy, drippy.  You’re supposed to massage in the remainder of the serum and snail goo/water from the mask, but there was so much that I wiped most of it off and then massaged the little remainder in.  20 minutes after that, my skin still felt soft and hydrated even though I didn’t put any moisturizer on afterwards, just the massaged in goo.

So, am I glad I tried this stuff?  Absolutely!!!  I get to brag that I put snail trail on my face.  Am I going to go out to my backyard garden and start letting the little guys crawl all over my face?  Absolutely not!  Haha!

What’s the weirdest beauty product you’ve ever tried?

We do not work for any of the companies listed in the article, nor did we receive any sort of compensation for the article.

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