Oops I Did It Again!

Oops!  You did it!  You made a beauty blunder and now you’re running late for work and don’t have time to completely redo your look.  Fear not!  There are tips and tricks to fix those!

I put too much serum in my hair and now it’s an oily, greasy mess!  Spray dry shampoo or an alcohol-based hairspray all over the oily area and let set a few minutes.  Brush through.  Now you should have a texture that will be perfect for a chic updo/twist.

I was putting on my mascara and got some on my skin!  Resist the urge to immediately wipe it off.  All you will do is smear it into your pores leaving a less than desirable dark blotch.  Instead, wait for it to try completely and then use a q-tip to flick it off.

I put on too much blush and now I look like a clown!  You have a few options here…put a dot of foundation on top of the offending color and blend to smooth it out.  You can also take a damp make-up sponge and blend, blend, blend to take away the excess.  If the color is too bright, use a bronzer on top of it to tone it down.  Really went overboard?  Do all three!

Does your foundation look like a mask?  Use a damp make-up sponge to blend away the excess.  If you went super overboard, you can do this as many times as needed to tone it down.  Top with a light layer of powder to give a flawless finish.

Does your red lipstick look like a toddler put it on for you?  Fear not the usual smear/stain of red usually associated with red lipstick repairs.  Dip a q-tip in an oil-based eye make-up remover and press firmly on the opposing color moving TOWARDS your open mouth (so on the upper lip move the q-tip down and on your lower lip move the q-tip up).  Use a clean q-tip to carefully wipe away any make-up remover residue and then reapply your red lipstick.  Don’t have any oil-based eye-make-up remover?  Go in your kitchen and grab the bottle of olive oil.

Did you sunless tan and now you ressemble a tiger with her stripes?  Grab some lemons and sugar.  Cut the lemons in half, dip in sugar and massage over the damp stripes.  The sugar will help exfoliate the dead skin cells and the vitamin C in the lemon will help fade the stripes faster.  Just make sure to moisturise really well afterwards as this can be a little bit drying.

Did you go on a beach vacation last weekend and now your foundation is too pale?  A few options…if your bronzer is a liquid or a loose powder, mix a little in with your foundation to warm it up.  Is your bronzer a pressed powder?  Buff it gently all over instead of using regular powder.  Just rememer to blend it into the neck so you don’t end up with floating face syndrome.

Did you overdo it on the bronzer and now little old ladies are licking their thumbs and trying to clean your face?  Once again, use a damp make-up sponge to blend it away, tap on some of your paler winter foundation and top with a pale face powder.

Were you bad and forgot to replace your mascara and now it’s old and crusty and you have all these nasty clumps on your lashes?  Take a q-tip and dip it in an oil-based eye make-up remover, gently brush the q-tip upwards on the lashes and then comb your lashes out.  You can repeat this as many times as needed until the clumps are gone.

My lipstick looks great in the tube, but is day-glo bright on my lips!  Grab a brown lipgloss.  The brown will cut the brightness of the lipstick.  You can also use your finger or a tissue to blot the offending color and then put the brown lipgloss on to take the brightness down even more.

My lipstick is so blah it makes me look like death warmed over.  Grab a bright pink or bright plum lipgloss.  It will brighten it up.

Yup, I did it.  I popped that massive sucker on my face and I’m trying to cover it up with concealer, but it’s oozy and the concealer won’t stick!  (Sorry to be graphic, but you know you’ve been there before!!!).  Grab some loose mineral powder and a stiff (but fluffy) eye shadow brush.  Tap some of the powder onto the open crater to help absorb the ooze.  Once the oozing stops, you can gently buff off the excess powder and apply concealer following that with another light layer of powder to set it.  And then DON’T TOUCH!

I overdid it on the bags under my eyes and now I look like a reverse raccoon!  You can use our trusty damp make-up sponge to blend it off or you can buff your bronzer on top of it to warm it up a bit.

I OD’d on powder on my touch-up and now I’m all cakey.  Grab some toilet paper.  Gently buff your face with the TP to buff off the excess as well as absorb any extra oil.  Then you can LIGHTLY reapply some powder.

I tried to get Cara’s brows but went WAY too dark.  Grab a pointed q-tip to gently buff off any excess product.  If still too dark after that, grab a NON-SHIMMERY eye shadow a few shades lighter than the offending color and using a stiff slanted eye liner brush, buff the lighter color on top to tone it down.  Clean up around the brow area with a clean q-tip.

I put on too much hairspray, mousse, gel, etc. and now I have crunchy hair!  Put a towel over your shoulders and mist your hair heavily with water.  Rub strands vigorously with the towel.  Repeat as needed.  Then pull your hair back into an updo/twist and rock the edgy wet look.

Encountered something that we didn’t answer?  Comment on it and we’ll tell you how to fix it!

Have a great way of fixing something that  we didn’t cover?  Include it in the comments as well!

And I know you want to scroll back up to the top of this post and watch that Britney video!  Don’t deny it!  We won’t tell anyone!  😉

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