How Flesh Beauty came to be…Heidi’s Side Of The Story

IMG_7843574461414-1If you ever have been in a position to hire, then you know how tiresome it can become, asking the same questions to who knows how many people, and ultimately, not knowing for sure if that person is going to work out. Well, it was that time and I had just spoken to who appeared to be a perfect candidate. She wowed me with all of her answers and now it was time to meet face to face (gotta make sure she wasn’t cray cray).

Immediately upon meeting Jeanette, I knew she was going to be amazing. First, she wasn’t crazy. Second, she knew her stuff! Third, she fit the part, meeting all of the expectations and even then some. We spoke and we clicked immediately. I remember when we were chatting about which brands she loved and all that other stuff, when I thought, “crap…we could totally be friends, but I can’t, because I’m going to be her boss”. 

Jeanette did indeed follow through and wowed me with her knowledge, passion, and business savvy. She even was runner up in a nationwide Beauty Advisor contest. Jeanette. Is. Awesome.

As many awesome employees do, it was time for her to branch out and do something greater. Something I couldn’t do for her and while I was sad to have such a rock star go, I was also excited and supportive of her new ventures. Lucky for me, our paths crossed again, when Jeanette found out I was in need of some support in the market and she agreed to help me out.

Well, then life happens, and I had my little dude (he’s pretty cool, though). Moved to Sacramento. Which felt as though I’d said goodbye to the world of beauty since I no longer had the people around me to obsess over products (It was just me, the kid and the husband…and well, hubby just doesn’t cut it when I get obsessed over a product and the kid, well, he’s not talking yet). Then one day fate decided to intervene. Jeanette contacted me and let me know that she was going to be in my neck of the woods. Yay! A friend is going to visit! And yes, I can call her a friend now because I was no longer her “boss”.

After I forced her to trampoline with me, we sat down at one of our favorite joints, Starbucks. While we enjoyed our beverages and reminisced, it was in that Starbucks that our relationship transformed from colleague to friend status. As friends do, we talked about our similar passions and I started talking about that dream I’ve always had…FLESH. Jeanette was in. Sweet! We talked some more and came up with  a fab game plan. Start with a blog (great idea Jeanette!) and then we go into beauty products. LOVE. It was really going to happen!

Thinking back, I truly believe that Fate destined for us to meet. While we do have soooo much in common, (yes, the “no hugging” is true, pretty sure we both prefer the solid hand shake) there are those differences that compliment each other perfectly. I mean, FLESH could never be born if there were two dreamers! I feel so lucky to have met Jeanette and happy that Fate not only had us meet, but that Fate had us reconnect in Sacramento. Otherwise, who knows…I could still be dreaming.


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