How Flesh Beauty Came To Be…Jeanette’s Side of the Story…


A photo of Heidi and I a few years ago walking the red carpet at a Westfield breast cancer awareness event in San Diego.


So, how did Flesh Beauty start?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well, not really, it was San Diego)…Just kidding, our story is not that dramatic, but it does have a happy ending!

I first met Heidi in March of 2008.  I had recently had my baby girl and my husband had just blown his knee out at work.  He did get workers comp, but there was a cap and our family operating budget was higher than what workers comp was paying, so off I went to find a steady job to supplement our income.

I had been a certified make-up artist for less than a year, so I figured that with that and my background in retail, I could be pretty much guaranteed a job working with a cosmetics company.  I had remembered a while back seeing an ad for beauty advisors to work with a British cosmetics company breaking into the US market and they just so happened to be selling their cosmetics inside my favorite mass-market store (think red bullseye).

So, I spruced up my resume, looked online to find the district manager’s email address and promptly sent my resume to her along with many reasons as to why she needed to hire me.  I had absolutely no clue if they were even hiring in my area at that time.

It wasn’t long after that I received a phone call from her regarding the position.  We chatted for a while and she basically hired me over the phone but she still needed to meet me in person to make sure I wasn’t some crazy, scary person.  We met at a Starbucks, she offered me the job as soon as I walked in and from that point on, Heidi was my boss.

DUN!  DUN!  DUN!  Lol.  Just kidding!  Heidi was the best boss that I have EVER had in my entire working life.  She provided me with all of the tools that I needed to succeed and then she left me alone.  But I knew that at any point in time, Heidi would ALWAYS be there for me.

We immediately clicked with similar personalities (we both can’t stand hugging people, weird, I know, but it was really nice finding a kindred spirit!)

Working for Heidi helped me gain self-confidence.  Her managerial style gave me the nurturing I needed, yet still gave me the freedom to do things.  It’s a very rare combo and makes for an excellent manager.  There’s a reason why her employees have always been loyal to her.

Two years into my stint there, baby bird was ready to try to fly it alone-it was time for me to venture into freelance make-up artistry.  I know momma bird wasn’t happy to lose me, but she supported my decision.

I had two years of great success when I heard that Heidi needed some help staffing some of her locations. I didn’t need the job, but I respected her so much and loved working for her so much that I immediately agreed.

Fast forward a little over a year later and Heidi relocated to the Sacramento area (and of course when she left that cosmetics company, I did to).

I missed interacting with her and while on a vacation trip to Sacramento, we got together to hang out.  I will admit, it was really, REALLY odd hanging out with her without her being my “boss”.  We talked about all sorts of things, one of which her dream to own a cosmetics company.  Her being the “dreamer”, she had all sorts of great ideas.  The consultant in me immediately got excited and racing with ideas on how to actually make it happen (hence my title being “Actionator” here at FLESH Beauty).

So, we came up with a gameplan (starting out with a beauty blog and slowly add cosmetics products) and here we are!

I am so very excited to be doing this venture with Heidi.  She’s not just my business partner and co-founder, she truly is a really great friend who I treasure immensely.

3 thoughts on “How Flesh Beauty Came To Be…Jeanette’s Side of the Story…

  1. Ashmir says:

    I know both these ladies personally and I’d just like to take a moment to say a ginormous DITTO to everything Jeanette said about Heidi! She’s the most amazing manager I ever had. And Jeanette is no slouch! Nobody I’ve ever worked with before or since has been as dedicated to her craft, as well informed , or as enjoyable to be around. She inspires and keeps you on your toes (and it’s not just because we’re equally anal about our makeup kit organization). 😉 I’m so excited for this blog and can’t wait for you ladies to bring on more staff, my resume is already on the way to you!


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