Here We Are!!!


We know what you are all thinking…ANOTHER beauty blog????  Geez, aren’t there enough of those out there already?

Well, this one is different.  We are both happy moms in our thirties who happen to be product junkies.  But we are product junkies with a legit background.  Heidi has worked for prestigious lines such as Clinique, Benefit, Trish McEvoy and Hourglass in counter positions as well as managerial positions.  Jeanette is a certified make-up artist working with top companies such as Roadrunner Sports, W3LL PEOPLE Cosmetics and is a Harpers Bazaar Style Ambassador.

We both LOVE cosmetics and the beauty industry.  We LOVE all of the fun and creative looks that come out each season.  And we would LOVE to wear all of those crazy, eccentric looks, but being parents as well as in the later part of our thirties, …um yeah…we really can’t get away with sporting the neon green under eye liner or the leopard print lipstick stickers.  Some days we have trouble just keeping our red lipstick from bleeding or smearing.

That’s what this blog is for.  The fashionable and chic woman who is no longer a spring chicken (more like a summer chicken), young enough to want to have fun and be creative, but old enough to know what looks best on us.

We hope you will follow our blog, interact with us, and share us with your friends.


And a description of our name…FLESH…Face, Lips, Eyes, Skin, Hair.  So get your mind out of the gutter.  😉

6 thoughts on “Here We Are!!!

  1. Jeanette says:

    One thing that I know about “my twin,” she is stylish; classy; talented; trustworthy; very intelligent; and, beautiful, both inside and outside. Way to go, Jeanette “my twin” along with Heidi! I look forward to many wonderful milestones in your joint adventure. Cheers and lots of love! 💖


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