Bad Hair Days No More

Herbal Essence Cleansing ConditionerI’ve done a lot to my hair over the years…blow dries, ironing (actual iron – I was 14), curling irons, dying my hair blonde then brown then blonde again then black then blonde then…well you get the point. If my hair could talk it would not have very nice things to say to me. So, I’m constantly on the lookout for the deep conditioner that will fix it all…damage, frizziness, but won’t weigh it down and I want that Victoria’s Secret supermodel hair.

Yes, I’m a dreamer.

One day I was shopping in the store and saw that L’Oreal had a new product, L’Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner. I’ve seen the Wen infomercials and Alyssa Milano’s fabulous mane but didn’t want to pay that price. Drugstore dupe? I can afford that!

So I tried it. A bit strange at first as it is very different from a shampoo and conditioner two-step process. The main differences are that it is a one-step process and instead of squeezing water out of your hair and applying the product, you want to saturate your hair with water and then distribute about 8-9 pumps of the cleansing conditioner through your hair, distribute just like you would a conditioner, but then get a mild lather going at the roots. If its been a few days since you’ve washed your hair, you may need to repeat the process once more.

The end result was that my hair felt cleansed and conditioned. The best part however has to be that there was not the typical hair fallout I normally experience with a shampoo and conditioner system. Instead all my strands remained. After my usual blow-dry, my hair had shine, bounce, less frizz and I used fewer products which then saves me money! And while I didn’t turn into a Victoria’s Secret model, I sure felt like I could strut down my imaginary runway.

Currently my go to is the Herbal Essence Naked Cleansing conditioner. I found it at my local CVS for under $6.


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5 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days No More

  1. thebeautifiedblogger says:

    Back in the day I once used a real iron on my hair, as well! LOL! I love cleansing conditioners and have been on the lookout for the Herbal Essences one and my Walgreen’s never has it so I’m going to check CVS! 🙂


      • thebeautifiedblogger says:

        I tried one from Pantene that was pretty good, but the one I enjoy the most at the moment is the Herbal Essences color me happy, which comes in a pink bottle! I ended up buying that one when I couldn’t find the one from the Naked line! Thanks for the tips on Walmart and Target! 🙂


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